Indoor vs Outdoor Volleyball: Their Differences

Volleyball is a popular game. It is both played by men and women and there are two types of volleyball, the indoor and outdoor volleyball. The obvious difference between the two is the place where it is played. But aside from this there are other differences also that I will enumerate below:


There is a difference on the ball used between indoor and outdoor volleyball. Indoor volleyball has a heavier ball compared to the outdoor one. A heavier ball moves quicker and can be hit harder.

The indoor ball is made of leather while the beach volleyball used for outdoor is larger, lighter and softer. This will allow the ball to float and players can take advantage of using the weather at play. Speaking of play if you want to promo codes for cafe casino, you can learn more here.

Court Size

When it come to court size indoor volleyball has bigger court compared to the outdoor volleyball. Indoor volleyball court measures 18m by 19m smaller compared to the 16 by 18m of outdoor volleyball. The reason for this is in outdoor volleyball, it is harder to sprint because the court is sandy compared to the hard floor used in indoor volleyball.

Another notable difference between the two is that indoor volleyball has a parallel attack line which a line 3 meters away from the center line. This should not be crossed by back row players because this entails a penalty. While on outdoor volleyball there is no attack line.


For indoor volleyball there are 6 players on each team and each team member has a special position or assignment. The players rotate and can-do complex switches.

While on outdoor volleyball, it is completely played in doubles. It is completely the opposite for outdoor volleyball no specialized position for player, they are all around.

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For indoor volleyball there are 5 sets that team should score 25 per set to win it. The team should win 3 sets out of 5 to win the game. While for outdoor volleyball, it is a best of 3 games. Each set is played until one team has scored 21. A team wins if they got 2 sets of 3.

Choosing the Right Basketball Shoe for You

Basketball is played with a good pair of shoes to help you decrease the chances of you getting an injury and help you also to improve your skill set. You need high quality shoes that can endure immense usage, that is why performance sneakers are on demand right now and they are expensive.

A performance basketball shoes will sure be expensive and can range from 100-200 US dollars. Some may be higher especially those that are high-end like the Jordan xx8. It is advised that choose a shoe that has added ankle support, durability and traction. Like performance basketball shoes, if you are need how legitimate bovada is you can go here now.

Basketball Shoe Types for Playing Styles

There are three types of basketball shoes namely: low-tops, mid-tops and high-tops.

Low Tops

Low tops shoes are light and can help you take advantage of your quickness and speed. It provides though a least amount of ankle support.

A ball handler especially point guards are usually the ones that wear low tops because they are the ones that pushes the ball up the court on fast breaks.

 Mid Tops

Mid tops shoes are at ankle level. It has more ankle support than low top shoes. But this type of shoes will enable players to have a leverage of added movement.

This is usually worn by all around type of players who excels on multiple positions of the game. Their skills can be maximized by this type of shoes because it is not bulky and offers a good support.

High Tops

This type of shoes provides the best ankle support, but it weighs a bit more though. This decrease your speed and quickness especially in running on a fast break.

Post up players usually are suited for this type of shoe. They are the ones that grind the paint and needs ankle support because of all the physical contact they endure. Too much jumping and landing underneath requires shoes with this type of stability.

Betting Basics for Rookies

The ones who should look for marriage counseling are:

a) People who want to start a family.

b) People who want to be married and would like advice on how to arrange that.

c) People who have a spouse and are looking to avoid divorce.

The people who shouldn’t look for marriage counseling:

a) People who want to remain single.

b) People who want to get married but who are not sure of the process.

c) People who have no interest in getting married and don’t want to know about it.

d) People who are married and think they want to get divorced but are not sure.

e) People who are divorced, but don’t want to have the counseling because of how uncomfortable it makes them feel.

All counseling professionals:

a) Should refer people to a counselor they see regularly who is experienced in counseling people to have a second opinion about their situation. This doesn’t mean that they should recommend counseling as a first line of defense, but they should always give advice when considering counseling to people with depression or anxiety and be prepared to discuss issues. This can include a discussion of the difficulties that a person has in committing to counseling, and the possibility that they might benefit from other ways of dealing with depression and anxiety.

b) Should not refer people to counseling unless they are confident, they have been prescribed a course of antidepressants. c) Should be cautious of referring people to counseling if they have not discussed with the person the risks involved and the limitations of counseling.

The following points are also important. The initial counseling sessions should be limited to an assessment of the person’s needs and the type of support required. The first person to refer someone for counseling should usually be the person who is going to care for the person after they leave the hospital, for example a family member, close friend or partner. The aim should be to make the person understand the seriousness of the situation and the fact that they will not recover on their own. There may be many different options available for dealing with the person’s problems, and a good initial assessment of the person’s specific needs would provide guidance for counseling.

The person should be asked for the names of people they know that are willing to take up the person’s case, as well as their telephone numbers and other contacts. This may be helpful in case there is any problem with an early referral, or the person is not willing to provide information for fear of embarrassment or being put in an untenable position.

An evaluation of the person’s needs should be undertaken to establish whether the person is eligible for a full assessment as a career or for an assessment of the person’s needs. If it is assessed that the person is eligible for a full assessment, they should be put on a local housing scheme that will enable them to have access to appropriate support.