Indoor vs Outdoor Volleyball: Their Differences

Volleyball is a popular game. It is both played by men and women and there are two types of volleyball, the indoor and outdoor volleyball. The obvious difference between the two is the place where it is played. But aside from this there are other differences also that I will enumerate below:


There is a difference on the ball used between indoor and outdoor volleyball. Indoor volleyball has a heavier ball compared to the outdoor one. A heavier ball moves quicker and can be hit harder.

The indoor ball is made of leather while the beach volleyball used for outdoor is larger, lighter and softer. This will allow the ball to float and players can take advantage of using the weather at play. Speaking of play if you want to promo codes for cafe casino, you can learn more here.

Court Size

When it come to court size indoor volleyball has bigger court compared to the outdoor volleyball. Indoor volleyball court measures 18m by 19m smaller compared to the 16 by 18m of outdoor volleyball. The reason for this is in outdoor volleyball, it is harder to sprint because the court is sandy compared to the hard floor used in indoor volleyball.

Another notable difference between the two is that indoor volleyball has a parallel attack line which a line 3 meters away from the center line. This should not be crossed by back row players because this entails a penalty. While on outdoor volleyball there is no attack line.


For indoor volleyball there are 6 players on each team and each team member has a special position or assignment. The players rotate and can-do complex switches.

While on outdoor volleyball, it is completely played in doubles. It is completely the opposite for outdoor volleyball no specialized position for player, they are all around.

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For indoor volleyball there are 5 sets that team should score 25 per set to win it. The team should win 3 sets out of 5 to win the game. While for outdoor volleyball, it is a best of 3 games. Each set is played until one team has scored 21. A team wins if they got 2 sets of 3.