Helping Toddlers Adjust to a New Life with a New Baby

Having a new baby is quite exciting but at the same time a nightmare for your toddler. This is magnified especially when your toddler was an only child for quite some time. Here are tips on how to help your toddler adjust a new life with a sibling:

Even if you have a new baby, you have to find time for your toddler, a one and one time for him only. This will help your toddler adjust faster if you always let them feel important. You can get a babysitter or yet you can ask your spouse to tend to your toddler. This will help them see that you still care and love for him or her even if there is a second baby.

You can let your toddler care for your baby. Let them feed, bath and dress the baby. Making them involved will make it easier for them to accept and understand why there is a second baby. You can talk to your toddler about the baby and explain to them that there are changes that will happen. Preparing for your toddler for the baby will make it easier for him to adjust. So, you should have talk to your toddler way before the baby comes. It will help me adjust with ease when the baby comes.

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Let your toddler get to know the baby well. This will make the toddler realize that babies are not just a lump of crying kid, but the baby has its own personality. You can let your toddler play with the baby and make it laugh. Interaction will let your toddler know more about your baby’s unique personality.

Another way is to involve your toddler in making plans for the baby. You can let your toddler help you in preparing the room of the incoming baby. You can ask them to pick a gift for the baby. This help create a special bond between your baby and your toddler. Involvement of your toddler will bring excitement to him.

Make the incoming of the new baby a non-issue. Act like everything is normal as possible. Too many changes in your toddler’s everyday life will result in harder adjustment for them. If your toddler is an early sleeper, you can ask your spouse to tend to them. Do the things that you normally do before the baby come out. This will help them adjust right away to the new baby.