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Submitted by Thomas Meagher, March 16, 2022 at 18:30

Bravo on exposing the naivete and political correctness that runs rampant on our shameful excuse for a government. You might be interested in knowing that the Khadr family this week launched a lawsuit suing the federal government for violation of Abdurahman's constitutional rights (listed below is the by-line). The Khadr family will also qualify for state funded legal aid to sue the very state that has provided them with passports, citizenship and funding to carry out their terrorist activities. In any other country this would be taken as a joke. In Canada, it's business as usual.

Khadr sues Canada for violating rights
EDMONTON - Lawyers for a teenager accused of fighting for al-Qaeda have filed a lawsuit against the federal government, saying his charter rights were denied when Canadian agents interviewed him at a U.S. prison in Cuba.

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