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Posted by Shirley Anne Haber on 21:25:15 2004/04/11

Dear Friends,

I just signed my name to this petition to remove from Google it is vital that this very antisemitic website be removed from the Google listing it will take 50,000 signatures. Please make every effort to sign this petition and send on to your lists for others to sign.


Shirley Anne Haber
The Media Action Group

Anti-Semitic web site,, on Google must be removed !!

When performing a search for the word "Jew" on Google, the first result is a site that has been notorious for being anti-semitic. The site is called Google is the # 1 search engine. The fact that the first search result would yield an Anti-Semetic site is all too common in a growing era of increased Anti-Semitism. In order for Google to remove this they would need a petition of over 50,000 requests. A polling site has been set up. Please scroll down to the bottom to leave your 'signature'.


Please forward this to people on your lists.

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