What does it mean to be a liberal in Canada today?

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Posted by on 15:58:10 2022/04/13

I suspect many of us dabble with liberal thoughts at one time or another in our lifetime. Often this weakness happens during our education cycle - before we have to start paying taxes and witness the our money poured down the drain of the social safety lounger.

I always thought that the underpinnings of liberalism was based upon caring for one's neighbour's well being.

Apparently, the infiltration of the liberal (and the now-defunct Progressive Conservative) movement in Canada by communist and fascist elements is all but complete. And as such, to be a liberal in Canada today means one cares deeply -
about certain special interest groups.

And those special interest groups best be able to bring home the bacon at election time as their very existence is dependant upon liberal wins.

It is evident from actions and inactions that
nothing matters to Liberal Canada (tm) but re-election and whatever deals need to be made justify that end.

And I too agree with Al Gordon. I had high hopes for Paul Martin being a different kind of liberal. But whatever spark of decency he showed has gone now that he controls the government. It's evident from his cabinet picks, to his election like meet/greet sweeps, to his flipflops on adscam.

While our ancestors left Europe to escape to a new world, we have fewer choices. Perhaps taking over a small Caribbean island nation and molding it to our liking is in the offing?

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