It's called ISLAMIC Terrorism!

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Posted by Sandy Stern on 17:50:10 2022/04/13

Canadians Against Antisemitism

The firebombing of a children's Jewish school in Montreal cannot accurately be named an antisemitic attack.
It embraces something far more lethal, a hatred much broader that threatens our society and our security.

It's name is Islamic terrorism.

It's goal is conquest, and it's method is destruction. Enflaming much of the world, it is intent on destroying Western society, Jews, Christians, even moderate Muslims.

Paul Martin and the Canadian government have a duty to name it. Media editors and reporters, anti-racism leaders, and religious leaders, have a duty to call it what it is. Political correctness, denial, even fear, must be resisted by every moral Canadian, as we acknowledge that these savage inhuman bombings, suicide murders and bio-chemical attacks, are being perpetrated in Britain, Spain, Iraq, Israel and Canada, by Islamic terrorists and their supporters. They include Al Qaeda, Hezbollah and the Palestinian Authority.

November 2002 - Christians and Jews do not teach their children to hate those who follow a different spiritual path. The very idea of living in a world with only one path should be repugnant to any thinking person. Democracy is exquisitely enriched by its multi coloured faces and diversity of voices. It is excruciatingly hurtful to realize that Canada, the rainbow coloured land of Blue Mountains, emerald forests, golden corn fields and pink-glass cities, could be blind to the steely-grey colour of hate. It is so difficult for peace-loving, moral-thinking, human beings to imagine that such evil could exist in our world but it is here. It is crawling across our borders and whispering in dark corners. It is here! And it must be acknowledged before it can be defeated. - CAAS address to MPs and Senators on Parliament Hill

We thought it was Jew-hatred and that any Jew any where was a target. We were right, but we failed to see it in the context of the bigger picture Islamic fundamentalists were planning. The barbaric murder of Daniel Pearl for the 6 o'clock news should have jolted us into reality.

While antisemitism is oft referred to as the canary in the coal mine, a barometer for prejudice and bigotry in society, American Jewish leader David Harris, says,. "Antisemitism is not a uniquely Jewish problem, it's a cancer which left unchecked infects and ultimately kills democractic societies. This is the message we have to get across."

Back in early 2000, Malcolm Hoenlein, President of the American Jewish Organizations expressed a startling truth.
"Sixty years ago people said they didn t know. It was a lie. They didn t want to know. We know from British documents that a year before the Final Solution they knew everyday how many Jews were being killed as they marched across Europe. They knew about the Final Solution plans in advance, when a great many Jews, and others, were still alive, and it could have been stopped."

"The Western mind, Hoenlein says, is unable to understand the evil we face again. Islamic fundamentalism is the most dynamic force in international politics today. Believe me there is no part of the globe that is not touched by it no part including the United States. In 48 out of 50 states the FBI has identified operations of Islamic terrorist organizations recruiting people, raising funds, going to campuses. If you knew the extent of the activity that is going on here, you would never sleep at night, so that is why we don t tell you."

"The situation is far graver than most of us are willing to discuss or admit because we don t have the answers, continues Hoenlein. This is not just a problem in the Middle East. There is no part of the globe today that is not touched by it. Do you know how many thousands of Islamic fundamentalists come into this country every month and every year? There s 8,000 Iranian and Iraqi students alone studying in the U.S. They don t steal information, they learn it. If you look at all the crises in the world; 60,000 people killed in the Philippines, 75,000 Algerians, 600,000 in the Sudan; in Kashmir, Chechnya, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. This is a global movement enflaming the entire world, but it is not obvious. They work from the bottom up and they capture the people before they capture governments."

Despite the strong statements voiced by politicians and police against recent antisemitic attacks, and the important activities undertaken by Jewish community organizations, it will take an 'unnatural' Canadian pro-active united public outcry of the majority, to alter the course we are on. It is up to every one of us to decide how safe we are going to make our country in 2 years, in 5 years, in 10 years.

As the world has changed so must we, and demand that our government protect us by:

implementing safety and security counter-terrorism measures including bio-chemical preparedness
placing more importance on security than (suspected terrorists') privacy
implementing stricter immigration checks and policies (the self-admitted Al-Qaeda terrorist Khadr family doesn't accept our values, rights and freedom and has forfeited their right to live among us)
supporting other democracies and allies under attack from terrorism
funding armed forces needs in equipment and resources
publishing for public safety the names of suspected dangerous refugee claimants who have disappeared and stolen passport numbers

Now it's up to you to do your part.

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