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Posted by vijay on 22:56:20 2022/04/13

In Reply to: Re: India & Israel posted by Sarah Feld

Terrorism is not new, The roman empires used it thousands of years ago. It will not end tomorrow either. Terrorism is not a local problem. In kasmir Citizens of 37 countries have been killed or captured. So when the eveil forces are uniting, The affected should do so.

India and Israel are unique. both Secular democracies, unique in their region. Both have a Predominant religion, which does not preach conversion. both surrounded by countries born out of civil wars and mostly islamic nations. Both having high skill immigrants around the world, both emerging markets in science, Tech etc.

Both have commom objectives and common obstacles, so when the forces against us are uniting, why not us.

ISrael is India's second largest trading partner now and we work very closely on coutner terrorism. In the US we have acheived great heights of poltical activism, which we hope to replicate here. we have jointly defeated several anti Israel anti India candidates and bills.

Hopefully after this elections we will be able to bring Indo-Canadians and Jewish canadians to work closely on achieving our objectives.

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