Dealing with Beijing

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Posted by Al Gordon on 15:25:03 2022/04/14

So Prime Minister Paul Martin is going to meet with the Dalai Lama after all, but the PM is making it clear that he is meeting a spiritual leader only, and that "there should be no political signal there."

It's a big improvement over our former Prime Minister, Jean Chretien, who cowered at Beijing's threats of trade consequences and wouldn't meet with the leader of the Tibetan people, a country invaded and occupied by China for over 50 years.

The amazing thing is that Canada hands over $65 million a year in foreign aid to China -- to a country that has the world's biggest army and its own space program! We can see how much goodwill that buys our Boy Scout nation when China turns around and threatens us if we meet with someone they don't like.

Paul Martin's response to China's bullying is a bit like the patsy in the school yard who, when the bully orders him to lick his boots, gets down on his hands and knees for a good slurp, but then leaves a little spit on the bully's socks as a small measure of defiance.

At least Paul Martin got a little spit on the bully's socks.


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