Svend Robinson Steals a Bauble

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Posted by Joan O'Callagahn on 10:16:37 2022/04/16

Svend Robinson is the loony-left NDP Member of Parliament who condemned Israel as a "racist state", despises the United States, and who has heaped praise on Fidel Castro, Saddam Hussein and Yasser Arafat. He is also an extreme anti-materialist socialist, often too extreme even for his own socialist NDP party. Yet, he could not prevent himself from pocketing a very expensive piece of shiny jewellery from an auction. He fretted all weekend about whether or not the security cameras caught him in the act, and decided that he was even more doomed if he didn't fess up. And so, a tearful confession was intricately staged for the media.

Perhaps this is but the latest example of an underlying mental pathology that would explain many of Svend Robinson's inexplicable actions.

Robinson admits theft, quits

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