Our bloody foreign policy - Mugabe

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Posted by Al Gordon on 14:44:06 2022/04/16

There is no doubt that unprincipled foreign policy decisions taken by Canada have lead to the death and imprisonment of many innocent people, and to the perpetuation of tyranny. Chretien's intervention to have Ahmed Khadr released from a Pakistani prison allowed Khadr to resume his activities as an Al-Qaeda murderer of innocent people. Good move!

One case that is often forgotten was Jean Chretien's watering down of the Commonwealth's response to the upcoming re-election of Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe in 2002. Despite the fact that Mugabe's thugs had murdered dozens of opposition members and personally decided who would and wouldn't vote at the polls, Jean Chretien went against other Commonwealth leaders and forced a toothless compromise on Zimbabwe. Government officials said, "This was Canada's day" .

Thanks to Mugabe's vicory in a hopelessy rigged election, white farmers have been thrown of their land and, in many cases, murdered by Mugabe's thugs. The breadbasket of Africa has been reduced to famine and dependency on handouts. The Movement for Democratic Change, the opposition, have been brutalized by Mugabe and their offices and newspapers destroyed. "Canada's day", eh?

Sometimes Canada's foreign policy looks merely misguided. Increasingly, however, that policy has put a lot of innocent blood on Canadian hands.


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