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Posted by joan o'callaghan on 17:57:45 2022/04/18

Al, I didn't think anyone still took Haroon Siddiqi seriously. I know journalists at other major newspapers who just laugh at him.
Nobody should be surprised that the Buffoon Brigade in Ottawa, otherwise known as our esteemed federal government has condemned the strike on Rantisi. Look at their own response to terrorism - maintaining a porous border to the exasperation of the Americans; rolling out the welcome mat for the Khadrs; sitting in a meeting with Hezbollah's Sheikh Nasrullah; maintaining the fiction that fundraising activities in Canada for Hezbollah were for charitable ends only until battered about the head with the truth; and turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to all warnings of terrorist groups operating inside Canada.
Recommended reading is Other People's Wars: A Review of overseas Terrorism in Canada by John Thompson of the Mackenzie Institute. He tells you exactly whch groups are operating in this country and gets into the psychology of the terrorist.

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