Israel = Czechoslovakia

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Posted by Al Gordon on 15:01:15 2022/04/20

Will we ever learn from history? The link below is to a speech given in parliament by British Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain, after he returned from his "peace process" with Adolf Hitler in 1938. The British went mad with joy when Chamberlain secured "peace in our time" from Hitler.

Look at the parallels. The Sudetenland was turned over to the Nazis, because after all, there was a large German population living there, and it rightly belonged to Germany, right? It's amazing what you can rationalize when you have no moral compass. They believed that if you gave the tyrants this one small country, Hitler would leave the allies alone. Wrong again.

"Peace in our time" was another example of appeasement that brought about the deaths of 45 million people and the destruction of a continent. Of course, our own Prime Minister didn't know the difference between Norway and Normandy in his latest speech on World War II, so perhaps he is genuinely ignorant of appeasement's poor track record in securing peace.


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