Accusations of "being a Jew"

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Posted by on 11:00:48 2022/04/21

In reporting on the recent release of Fadi Fadel from his radical Muslim
captors in Iraq, I find it particularly offensive that the CBC, rather matter
of factly without comment reports, that he was accused of "being a Jew" --
as if it was some kind of contagion that somehow separated this case from
all of the other hostage takings. According to their reportage, one of the
apparent evils that Fadel's captors forced upon him, in addition to beatings
and torture, was the requirement that he admit to being a Jew -- not an
Israeli -- but a Jew. There is a difference you know and this difference is
the cause of renewed fear of Jews all around the world. Being anti-Israel
may be characterized as a political statement -- being anti-Jew, as Daniel
Pearl found out, leads to murder. It is the very same kind of racial -- not
political -- hatred that sparked the holocaust in which millions of Jews
died. We ought not then to be surprised that the Jewish reaction to the
Talmud Torah fire in Montreal and the racist acts in Toronto and elsewhere
around the world is far more visceral than political. These recent acts have
got more to do with survival of the Jewish people than with Paul Martin's
concern with political beliefs and democracy.

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