Tibet - A Canadian who doesn't appease China

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Posted by Al Gordon on 13:22:57 2004/04/21

Iona Campagnolo, the Lieutenant-Governor of British Columbia, has publicly acknowledged that the Dalai Lama is more than simply a revered spiritual leader. She praised the Dalai Lama's work for "political and spiritual freedom and a just transformation for the people of your beloved homeland."

Paul Martin could learn a lot from Iona Campagnola about being guided by a moral compass, rather than simply running from empty threats.

As was posted elsewhere on this forum, Canada's foreign policy toward China involves giving $65 million per year taken from hard-working Canadian taxpayers to a country that has the world's largest army and its own space program, even when that country turns around and threatens us over who our Prime Minister should and should not meet with. The coup de grace is the fact that our PM actually caves to the wishes of the Chinese government.


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