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Posted by Sany Stern on 07:43:10 2022/04/23

The Canadian Islamic Congress has issued its report card on Canadian Members of Parliament, rating each from 'A' (good) to 'F' (bad). Some highlights:

The following MPs all rate an 'A' (among others):
Carolyn Parrish L
Pat O'Brian L
Svend Robinson NDP
Bill Graham L
Paul Martin L
Jean Chreiten L
Colleen Beaumier L
John McCallum L
Jim Karygiannis L
Gilles Ducette BQ
Ralph Goodale L
Joe Comartin NDP

How did the parties rank in the approval of the Canadian Islamic Congress?

Number of NDP with an F - 0% (100% given A or B)
Number of Bloc Québécois with an F - 3% (97% given A or B)
Numbers of Liberals with an F - 29% (71% given A or B)
Number of Conservatives with an F - 92% (8% given A or B)

So the Canadian Islamic Congress hates the Conservatives. What does that tell us about which party will best defend Israel and our democratic allies?

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