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Posted by on 20:16:10 2004/10/31

In Reply to: Christians denied church under Egyptian aparthied posted by Selim Naguib

The persecution of Coptic Christians in Egypt described by Selim Naguib represents but a small fraction of the systematic and often violent actions taken against this proud and ancient Christian sect.

Coptic Christians in Egypt are formally classified as Dhimmis. As such, they are accorded limited freedoms in Egyptian society. They are currently not permitted to testify in a court of law, assume any prominent roles in government and are prevented from advancing significantly in commerce or industry. They are second class citizens, just as Jews were under Moslem rule.

It is true that, depending upon which Moslem rulers are in power, the degree of persecution aimed at Dhimmis might vary. At best, they are second class citizens who must behave obsequiously to avoid further humiliation. At worst they are victims of outright extortion, pillage and slaughter.
Such barbarism is not exclusive to Moslems. Christians and other groups during the Middle Ages
were capable of such acts. In modern times there are, regrettably, too many examples of vicious persecution of religious and ethnic minorities. The grotesque orgy of anti-Semitism in Nazi Germany is arguably the the most horrendous example to date.

Does this fact justify the continued persecution of Egyptian Christians? Egypt is often referred to as a "moderate" Islamic nation. Christian minorities in Islamic countries are rapidly declining. Jewish populations have been almost eliminated.

The U.N. quarantine against criticizing Islamic state sponsored persecution must be lifted.

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