Anyone else tired of NeoCon?

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Posted by Brian Lemon on 11:07:03 2022/11/01

I get tired of myself and those who share my views being labeled "Neo-Con".

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This is liberal / secular / humanist code for neo-nazi at worst, as a slur at best.
We do not have revolutionary, non-mainstream ideas, and we are not new. We continue to follow the ethical and moral compass passed on by our parents and grandparents.
We believe in working for improvement in our lives & in our society.
We stand behind and beside our friends.
We defend our values and will die for them if necessary.
We believe in offering compassion for those who need and deserve it.
We work hard and pay our taxes.
We are the salt of the earth, and it is because of our stolid commitment to our values that our society is as it is: the most open, democratic, healthy and wealthy society that has ever existed.
If this makes me a neo-con, maybe it's not such a bad thing.

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