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Canada and anti-Semitism
National Post

Re: Anti-Israel Letters Found At Site, April 6.

Prime Minister Paul Martin's condemnation of the fire-bombing of the United Talmud Torah School in Montreal is welcome. However, the Prime Minister should also recognize the contribution of the government of Canada over the years to creating an environment in Canada where this and other recent acts of anti-Semitism could take place.

Canada has failed to take a firm stand against the vilification of Israel in the United Nations and in the international community at large. While recent events in Canada are but a faint shadow of the violence to which Israeli Jews have been subjected, Canada has failed to support the right of Israel to take necessary measures to provide security to defend its citizens and to respond to terrorism. Having thus left Canadians with a clear impression that attacks against Jews outside of Canada are acceptable or tolerable, it is no surprise that anti-Semites in Canada have become emboldened in their attacks against Jews inside Canada.

A true effort on the part of the federal government to fight anti-Semitism demands a principled approach against those who would attack Jews everywhere, not just on the Prime Minister's home turf.

Lloyd Hoffer, Toronto.

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