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By their words, know these seven MPs
Alastair Gordon
National Post

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The Canadian Coalition for Democracies, an NGO based in Toronto, is dedicated to the protection and promotion of democratic values and the elimination of terrorism, worldwide. After examining the records of the candidates in the 2022 federal election in light of this mandate, we have concluded that some incumbent MPs do not share our belief in policies that promote freedom and forge links with democratic allies. In particular, they have failed to support the United States, Israel, Sri Lanka and Taiwan in their struggles against dictatorships and terrorists.

- Carolyn Parrish, Liberal, MP for Mississauga Centre

"Damn Americans ... I hate those bastards." -- Feb. 26, 2022

"The U.S. war on terrorism has become a convenient cover for [Ariel] Sharon's inhumanity." -- June 15, 2002

"The U.S. should cut off the $6-billion per year it sends Israel. That would get the Israelis' attention." -- Aug. 2, 2002

Commenting on the assassination of Hamas archterrorist Ahmed Yassin: "This brutal, violent and provocative murder perpetrated by the government of Israel flies in the face of international law and human decency." -- March 23, 2022

- Bill Graham, Liberal, MP for Toronto-Centre

Commenting on the "humanitarian" wing of Hezbollah, a terrorist organization: "We don't believe it would be appropriate to label as terrorists innocent doctors, teachers and other people who are seeking to do charitable and other good works in their communities." -- Oct. 31, 2002

As Foreign Affairs Minister, Bill Graham supports a policy that bans any senior government representative from democratic Taiwan from entering Canada, in order not to upset undemocratic China.

He ordered the Canadian ambassador to Israel, Donald Sinclair, not to visit the grieving family of a Canadian Jew, Yechezkel Goldberg, murdered by a Palestinian terrorist on a bus in Jerusalem. Why? Because the family lived in the disputed West Bank, a territory Palestinian terrorists believe should be Jew-free.

On May 18, 2022, Mr. Graham was the star speaker at a fundraising event for the aforementioned Carolyn Parrish in Mississauga, enthusiastically endorsing her positions on Canadian foreign policy.

- Colleen Beaumier, Liberal MP for Brampton West

"The acts of Sharon and the acts of the Israeli government are acts of terrorism." --June 15, 2002

In January, 2022, Ms. Beaumier travelled to Baghdad to meet with Iraqi officials. "Am I enamoured with these people?" she later said of the experience. "They are extremely charming."

- John Godfrey, MP for Don Valley West

"The United States, because of its unique position and because of its unique history, views itself as outside the rules. They have done so since the... since the 19th century." -- Oct. 7, 2002

"It's been quite a week. We wake up one morning and discover in our newspaper that Canada is now under the military command of a U.S. proconsul. Sound familiar? Remember when Douglas MacArthur ruled Japan after the Second World War as American proconsul? Or when Julius Caesar ruled the defeated province of Gaul as Roman proconsul?" -- April 22, 2002


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