Re: Who are today's anti-Semites?

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Posted by Michael on 15:01:46 2022/04/09

In Reply to: Re: Who are today's anti-Semites? posted by Al Gordon

I am a contract instructor at Harvard and this is the best place in the world if you want to be a useful idiot for terrorists. We had dozens of professors sign a petition demanding that Harvard pull its investments from all Israeli companies and boiycott Israeli products. Some even demanded that visiting academics from Israel not be allowed on campus. As you can guess the actions of the PLO and Hamas and the rest of them are also the fault of Israel or the U.S.A. Many of these professors made it clear that they expect to see these same opinions from their students if those students want to get ahead.
I remember a funny petition circulating calling the faculty members who opposed the petition "the forces of reaction". I thought it was a spoof on old-time Marxists but they wer dead serious.
If you didn't like the thought control of Chairman Mao's Cultural Revolution, you won't like some Harvard faculties.

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