List of Islamic Terrorist Attacks Since 9/11- 2001/02

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Posted by Vijay on 23:41:22 2004/06/14

12/31/02 Philippines Tacurong 10 20 Grenade hurled at a crowd of people
celebrating the new year kills ten and injures about twenty.

12/30/02 Yemen Jibla 3 1 Muslim gunman posing as a father carrying a
child kills three American humanitarian workers at a missionary hospital
and wounds one other.

12/28/02 Algeria Boudouaou 1 5 Attack by Islamic extremists leaves one
policeman dead and five injured.

12/27/02 Chechnya Grozny 80 127 Three suicide bombers kill more than
eighty Russians and Chechnyans. At least one-hundred and twenty-seven
people are injured in the attacks.

12/27/02 Israel Otniel 4 6 Palestinian gunman breaks into a Jewish
seminary and kills four students who were sitting down to Sabbath
dinner, wounds six others.

12/26/02 Philippines Mindanao 12 10 Muslim rebels ambush employees of a
Canadian company. Twelve civilians are killed and ten injured.

12/25/02 Pakistan Daska 3 14 Christmas grenade attack on a Christian
church kills three girls and injures fourteen young women.

12/24/02 Philippines Cotabato 17 13 Islamic militants blow up bomb using
remote control. The seventeen killed include the town's mayor. More than
a dozen others were injured.

12/22/02 India Reban 4 3 Terrorists invade a house, force victims to
recite Muslim passage, then kill four of them, including a four-year old
boy. Three other family members are wounded.

12/21/02 Pakistan Hyderabad 2 7 Two people are killed, and seven more
injured by a bus bomb.

12/20/02 India Paraott 3 0 Muslim attackers invade the home of three
young women who were not wearing veils. They killed the three by
slitting the throats of two and then shooting a third.

12/19/02 Pakistan Karachi 4 0 At massive terrorist bomb explodes early,
killing the bomb maker and three others.

12/19/02 India Kashmir 2 20 Two soldiers are killed and about twenty
other people, including civilians were killed in separate grenade and
shooting attacks by Muslim rebels.

12/18/02 Algeria Sidi Medjaded 10 0 Ambush by Islamic hardliners kills
ten people.

12/14/02 Algeria Sidi Baizid 3 0 Three shepherds are abducted by Islamic
militants. They are found dead, with their throats slit.

12/13/02 Algeria Sidi Baizid 6 0 Three adults and three children are
killed during an attack by Islamic extremists.

12/13/02 Chechnya Grozny 2 2 Device detonated beneath a convoy escorting
a water-transportation vehicle kills two and injures two.

12/12/02 Nigeria Rim 13 0 Muslim nomads attack Christian village and
kill thirteen people including a clergyman and his family.

12/12/02 India Pulwana 0 26 Grenade attack by Muslim separatists injures
twenty-six civilians.

12/12/02 Algeria Boukadir 4 16 Bomb blast in a market kills four and
injures sixteen.

12/12/02 Israel Hebron 2 0 Israeli man and woman killed in ambush
shooting attack.

12/7/02 Bangladesh Mymenshingh 20 75 Four bombs detonate concurrently at
four packed movie cinemas killing twenty and injuring at least
seventy-five. Muslim fundamentalists had been critical of entertainment
venues and those who frequented them.

12/5/02 Indonesia Makassar 3 11 Bomb blast rips through a McDonald's
restaurant killing three people and injuring several more. Islamic
extremists take credit.

12/5/02 Pakistan Karachi 3 0 Macedonian embassy bombed in Karachi. Three
bodies are found.

12/2/02 India Ghatkopar 2 34 Students Islamic Movement thought
responsible for Indian bus blast killing two and injuring 34.

12/2/02 Algeria Relizane 4 6 Armed Muslim fundamentalists kill four and
wound six civilians in an attack.

11/28/02 Israel Beit Shean 6 35 Two Palestinian gunmen kill four
Israelis who were waiting for a bus. More than two dozen people were
also injured.

11/28/02 Kenya Mombasa 13 26 Three suicide bombers kill twelve people,
including two children. More than two dozen people were hurt. Muslim
attackers also fired two missiles at an Israeli plane carrying 261 people.

11/24/02 India Jammu 12 45 Twelve Hindu worshippers are killed and more
than forty-five wounded when Islamic gunmen attack two historic temples.
11/23/02 India Kashmir 17 0 Series of Muslim attacks leave seventeen dead.

11/23/02 Algeria Tizi Ouzou 9 12 Nine soldiers killed and twelve wounded
after militant Islamic ambush.

11/22/02 Nigeria Kaduna 105 521 Muslim mob burns Christian churches and
rampages through the streets stabbing, bludgeoning and burning one
hundred and five people to death. Death toll will climb.

11/22/02 India Srinigar 6 9 Islamic suicide attack kills six and injures

11/21/02 India Sarurnagar 2 20 Bomb placed near Hindu temple kills two
and injures at least twenty.

11/21/02 Lebanon Sidon 1 0 Female missionary shot three times in the head.

11/21/02 Kuwait Arifjan 0 2 Two soldiers in Kuwait wounded by terrorist.
One is shot in the face.

11/21/02 Israel Jerusalem 11 50 Muslim bomber kills eleven and injures
over fifty passengers on a bus. Most victims were high-school students.

11/21/02 Algeria Ain Rich 6 2 Terrorist bomb kills six and injures two.

11/20/02 Israel Tulkarm 1 1 Palestinian bomb explodes prematurely. Kills
one, injures one.

11/20/02 Algeria El-Ancer 3 1 Islamic extremists attack a family. They
kill the father and his two daughters (ages 3 and 5) then severely wound
the mother.

11/18/02 Israel Rimonim Junction 1 0 Woman killed by Palestinian gunmen
in a drive-by.

11/16/02 Algeria Azeffoun 1 0 Policeman gunned down by armed Islamists
as he was leaving his home.

11/15/02 Israel Hebron 12 14 Palestinian ambush kills twelve and injures
fourteen. Victims were returning from a prayer service.

11/15/02 Pakistan Hyderabad 2 9 Bus bomb kills two and injures nine.

11/12/02 Algeria Medea 2 0 Gunmen burst into a café and kill two.

11/11/02 India Srinigar 7 5 Mine planted by Islamic militant kills
thirteen and injures five.

11/10/02 Israel Metzer 5 0 Palestinian gunman kills five including
mother and her two children ages 4 and 5. She was in the process of
reading a bedtime story.

11/7/02 Algeria Chlef 4 6 Islamic terrorists machine-gun a bus. Four are
killed, six are injured.

11/4/02 Israel Kfar Saba 2 40 Suicide bomber kills two mall shoppers and
wounds more than forty.

11/2/02 India Srinagar 3 0 Muslim rebels assassinate an Indian
politician along with two bodyguards.

10/31/02 Israel Gaza 3 6 Hamas bomb goes off prematurely killing three
and injuring six, including a 10-year-old girl.

10/30/02 Algeria Boukaat Sidi Bouaissa 8 0 Terrorists kill eight,
including four children.

10/29/02 India Srinagar 7 0 Seven members of the Indian security forces
were gunned down by Mujahideen members in separate incidents. Several
were off-duty at the time.

10/29/02 Israel Hermesh 3 1 Settlement infiltrated by a terrorist who
kills one woman, two girls and injures a man.

10/28/02 Jordan Amman 1 0 American diplomat shot dead by two al-Qaeda
terrorists while sitting in his car.

10/26/02 Russia Moscow 129 150 Chechnyan Muslims hold 800 people hostage
in a theatre. Two are shot and killed and another one-hundred and
twenty-seven die in the rescue attempt.

10/25/02 Algeria Boukaat Ouled Abdellah 21 3 Twenty-one people from the
same family were shot and stabbed to death, including a three-year old
child. Three others survived with injuries.

10/22/02 USA Silver Spring, MD 1 0 Muslim sniper kills 35-year-old bus

10/21/02 Algeria Ain Kechra 7 5 Seven people had their throats slit and
five more kidnapped by armed Islamists.

10/21/02 Israel Tel Aviv 16 24 Car bomb kills at least sixteen people
riding on a bus. More than twenty-four are injured.

10/20/02 Philippines Zamboanga City 1 18 Roman Catholic shrine bombed.
One killed, eighteen injured.

10/18/02 Philippines Manilla 2 19 Abu Sayyaf bus bomb kills two and
injures nineteen.

10/17/02 Philippines Zamboanga City 7 152 Bombings at two department
stores kill seven and injure one-hundred and fifty-two.

10/16/02 Algeria al-Qantara al-Zarqa 2 0 Two unarmed civilians killed by
Islamic fundamentalists.

10/16/02 Algeria Boukaat El Hadjadj 13 1 Early morning Islamic extremist
attack on a Western Algerian village kills thirteen boys who were
students at al-Fiqh and injures one.

10/14/02 USA Falls Church, VA 1 0 Muslim sniper kills 47-year-old woman.

10/12/02 Indonesia Bali 202 300 Series of Al-Qaeda bombs in nightclubs
kill more than two--hundred people, injure at least three-hundred more.

10/11/02 USA Fredericksburg, VA 1 0 Muslim sniper kills 53-year-old man.

10/10/02 Philippines Kidapawan City 6 10 Abu Sayyaf bomb kills six and
injures ten at a crowded bus stop.

10/10/02 Israel Tel Aviv 1 20 Muslim bomber kills a 71-year-old
grandmother of fifteen.

10/9/02 USA Manassas, VA 1 0 Muslim sniper kills 53-year-old man.

10/8/02 Israel Zief Junction 1 3 Palestinian terrorist shooting kills
one and injures three.

10/8/02 Kuwait Failaka 1 1 One Marine is killed, another wounded in
terrorist attack.

10/6/02 Yemen Coast 1 0 al-Qaeda suicide boat detonates explosives next
to French tanker, killing one crewman.

10/3/02 USA Maryland 5 0 Muslim sniper kills three men and two women in
five separate attacks.

10/3/02 Algeria Wadi Shurfa 12 2 Twelve persons from two families were
killed by Islamists. One woman was kidnapped and one child was injured.

10/2/02 USA Wheaton, MD 1 0 Muslim sniper kills 55-year-old man.

10/2/02 Philippines Zamboanga 4 24 Abu Sayyaf bomb outside a restaurant
kills four, including an American, and injures at least two dozen more.

9/29/02 Saudi Arabia Riyadh 1 0 Car bomb kills one German national.

9/25/02 Pakistan Karachi 7 3 Seven persons are killed and three others
injured in a terrorist attack on a Christian welfare organization's
office the Idara Amn-O-Insaaf (Institute for Peace and Justice). The
victims were blind-folded, tied to chairs and shot in the head.

9/24/02 India Ahmedabad 31 86 Hindu monks and dozens of worshippers were
massacred in an attack on a Hindu temple members of Lashkar-e-Toiba, an
Islamic extremist group.

9/23/02 USA Baton Rouge 1 0 Muslim sniper shoots Korean mother in the back.

9/21/02 Indonesia Kelang 2 2 Two Christians were killed and two wounded
by Muslim gunmen.

9/21/02 USA Montgomery, AL 1 1 Muslim sniper kills one woman and injures

9/19/02 Israel Tel Aviv 5 40 Bus bombing kills five and injures more
than forty.

9/16/02 Pakistan Miranshah 1 1 A woman is killed and a child injured in
a toy-bomb explosion.

9/15/02 Pakistan Hyderabad 1 5 One person is killed and five others,
including a girl, injured in a bomb explosion in a Karachi-bound bus.

9/8/02 Indonesia Galunggung 1 0 A Christian was beaten, then burned to
death by a Muslim mob.

9/5/02 Afghanistan Kabul 22 65 Bomb explodes in busy Kabul marketplace.
At least twenty-two civilians are killed, sixty-five are taken to the

9/1/02 Afghanistan Kabul 1 3 Terrorist bomb kills one, injures three

9/1/02 Algeria Bantous 4 6 Ambush of a military vehicle by armed Islamists.

8/31/02 Indonesia Irian Jaya 3 12 Three teachers, including two
Americans, were killed by security forces.

8/23/02 India Thana Mandi 10 0 Terrorists massacre ten civilians
including three women in two separate incidents.

8/18/02 Pakistan Skardu 1 3 A youth is killed and three women injured in
an explosion.

8/15/02 Indonesia Manyomba 1 3 Fifty militants attack two Christian
villages. They shoot three people and strangle a 3-year-old child to death.

8/15/02 Algeria Harshoun 26 0 Islamists attacked and slaughtered three
families including women and children.

8/11/02 Indonesia Kayamanya 5 0 A Muslim mob attacks a bus and one other
vehicle and kill five Christians.

8/10/02 Philippines Unknown 2 4 Abu Sayyaf kidnap six missionaries. Two
are subsequently beheaded.

8/9/02 Pakistan Taxila 3 24 Three women and a terrorist are killed, and
24 others injured as terrorists attack John C. Heinrich Memorial chapel
in the Mission Hospital.

8/9/02 Indonesia Malei 2 0 Jihad warriors attack two Christian villages
and kill two people.

8/8/02 Algeria Algiers 6 1 Five persons were killed by a machine-gun
fired from an open car in a drive-by. Islamists also assassinated a man
in Tazrout.

8/7/02 Indonesia Tentena 1 4 An Italian tourist was killed by Jihad
terrorists. Four others were shot.

8/5/02 Pakistan Jhika Gali, Murree 6 4 Six persons killed and four
others injured in terrorist attack on Christian missionary school.

8/4/02 Israel Meron Junction 8 50 Suicide bomber kills eight and injures
over fifty in an attack on a bus.

8/3/02 Israel Jerusalem 1 2 Palestinian gunman kills telephone truck
driver and wounds two other passengers.

7/31/02 Israel Jerusalem 7 80 Seven students, including five Americans,
were killed in a bombing at Hebrew University. More than 80 others were

7/30/02 Israel Jerusalem 0 7 Suicide bomber injures seven civilians.

7/26/02 Israel Hebron 4 3 Four people, including a mother, father and
son, were killed by gunmen while riding in two cars.

7/17/02 Israel Emmanuel 7 26 Palestinian attack on a bus kills at least
seven and injures twenty-six.

7/17/02 Israel Tel Aviv 3 40 Dual suicide attack on a convenience store
leaves at least three dead and more than forty injured.

7/16/02 Algeria Wilad Alal 7 0 Seven killed included a father, mother
and three children ages 4, 12, and 14.

7/13/02 India Jammu 27 30 Muslim terrorists staged an attack on a Hindu
shantytown, killing twenty-seven and injuring more than thirty with
grenades and firearms.

7/13/02 Pakistan Mansehra 0 12 Twelve persons, including seven Germans,
injured in a terrorist attack at an Archaeological site.

7/13/02 Algeria Algiers 10 0 Victims in two separate attacks include
four women and two children from one family.

7/7/02 Philippines Unknown 2 1 Kidnapped American missionary and
Philippine nurse are killed during rescue attempt.

7/7/02 Algeria Algiers 6 0 Six persons including four children were
stabbed to death while grazing sheep.

7/5/02 Algeria al-Arbaa 49 17 Bomb explosion results in the largest
number of killings since the beginning of the year.

7/4/02 USA Los Angeles 2 0 Muslim gunman kills two people waiting at the
El Al counter in the LAX airport.

6/28/02 Algeria Algiers 13 0 Islamic radicals riddle a bus with machine
guns. Thirteen people are killed, an unknown number are wounded.

6/27/02 Pakistan Kachi Abadi 1 2 15-year old Christian tortured to death
by police for blasphemy. In the same country a 17-year old Christian
girl was blinded from having acid thrown in her face and another girl
was raped (occurring on different days).

6/27/02 Algeria Bou Ismail 2 0 Two Islamic terrorists shot dead a bus
driver and one passenger.

6/20/02 Israel Itamar 4 4 Mother and three young sons killed in their
home by Muslim invader.

6/19/02 Israel Jerusalem 7 35 One day after killing nineteen Jews, a
second Muslim blows up a bus-stop killing seven more. Thirty-five are

6/18/02 Israel Jerusalem 19 50 Several children on their way to school
are among the nineteen dead and fifty injured by suicide attack on a bus.

6/14/02 Pakistan Karachi 10 51 Ten persons, including five women, killed
and fifty-one others injured in a car-bomb blast outside the US Consulate.

6/13/02 India Dharam Chowki 2 0 Muslim terrorists force entry into two
houses and behead two civilians.

6/11/02 Algeria al-Medya 12 9 Armed Islamists open fire on a train.

6/10/02 Afghanistan Kabul 1 0 Government official stabbed to death by a
crowd of Muslims.

6/9/02 Pakistan Mashkey 2 0 Political assassination of BNP party leader
and an associate.

6/6/02 Afghanistan Kabul 2 0 Deputy President and driver are assassinated.

6/5/02 Israel Afula 17 38 Seventeen people killed by a Muslim suicide
bomber while riding in a bus. Thirty-eight others were injured.

6/5/02 Indonesia Tentena 4 17 A bomb explodes on a church bus killing
four Christians, including the pastor, and wounding seventeen.

6/2/02 Philippines Jolo 1 2 Abu Sayaaf rebels abduct three sailors and
hold them for nearly a year. Two escape and one is executed.

6/2/02 UK Orpington, Kent 1 0 33-year-old British man beaten to death by
Muslim gang.

5/28/02 Israel Itamar 3 2 Palestinian gunman kills three teen-agers and
injures another two. All youths were playing basketball in their
community at the time.

5/27/02 Israel Petah Tikva 2 37 Fatah takes credit for killing a
14-month-old baby and her grandmother near an ice-cream parlor in an
attack that also injured thirty-seven.

5/25/02 Indonesia Saparua 5 11 A Muslim boat attack kills five
Christians and wounds eleven others.

5/22/02 Israel Rishon Lezion 2 40 A Palestinian suicide bomber kills two
and injures forty people at a shopping mall.

5/19/02 India Chasana 4 7 Fidayeen attack on Indian military camp kills
four and leave seven injured.

5/19/02 Israel Netanya 3 59 A Palestinian suicide bomber killed three
and injured fifty-nine people at a market.

5/17/02 India Jammu 2 16 Two killed in bomb blast.

5/14/02 Algeria Tazmalt 7 5 Bomb explodes at the entrance to a market.
Tied to Islamic fundamentalists

5/14/02 Algeria Baraqi 5 0 Five policeman were assassinated by
fundamentalists in two separate attacks (first attack was in Dali Ibrahim).

5/14/02 India Kaluchak 31 40 Islamic raid on a military camp kills 31
people including the wives and children of Indian soldiers.

5/9/02 Pakistan Karachi 14 34 Nine French nationals and five Pakistanis,
including a suspected suicide bomber, are killed and 34 more injured in
a bomb explosion inside a bus opposite Sheraton Hotel.

5/9/02 Pakistan Rawalpindi 2 1 Two policemen killed and one injured.

5/9/02 Dagestan Kaspiisk 45 170 Chechnyan terrorists detonate a bomb at
a Russian military parade, killing forty-five and injuring more than
one-hundred and seventy.

5/7/02 Israel Rishon Lezion 15 55 Fifteen people were killed an
fifty-five more injured in a suicide attack on a crowded game club.

5/7/02 Pakistan Lahore 3 0 Noted religious scholar Ghulam Murtaza Malik,
his driver and a police personnel are killed.

5/6/02 Pakistan Karachi 3 0 Three persons - principal of a government
institute, his driver and assistant - are killed in an ambush.

5/5/02 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 Policeman killed by Islamist gunmen.

5/2/02 Algeria Sedi Khaled 11 0 Massacre of eleven civilians by Islamic

5/2/02 Algeria Kasar Shalala 20 5 Islamist attack on civilians in the
Teyart region leaves twenty dead.

4/28/02 Indonesia Soya 12 6 Muslims attack a Christian village with
swords and guns. They are able to kill twelve people and hurt six more.

4/27/02 Israel Adora 4 7 Palestinian Terrorists dressed in IDF uniforms
infiltrated a settlement and killed four civilians, including a 5-year
old boy. Seven others were injured.

4/25/02 Algeria Mashraat Sava 4 0 Armed Islamic attack kills four people.

4/24/02 Algeria al-Jeije 16 0 Fundamentalists kill a total of sixteen
includes eight children and four women, all from the same family.

4/12/02 Israel Jerusalem 6 104 Six people, including two Chinese
nationals, were killed by a Palestinian suicide bomber at a bus stop in
an attack that left one-hundred and four others injured.

4/11/02 Tunisia Tunis 21 18 Palestinian suicide bomber kills twenty-one
in an attack on town's oldest synagogue. Youngest fatality is an
11-year-old German boy.

4/10/02 Israel Yagur 8 22 Eight people are killed by a Muslim bomber
while riding on a bus. Twenty-two others are injured in the attack.

4/9/02 Israel Jenin 13 7 Thirteen IDF reservists are killed and seven
injured by the combined efforts of a very young Palestinian suicide
bomber and supporting gunfire.

4/8/02 Afghanistan Jalalabad 9 92 Terrorist bomb explodes near a
government convoy. Nine are killed, ninety-two are injured.

4/6/02 Israel Rafiah Yam 1 5 Palestinian gunman opens fire at the
entrance to a settlement. One is killed, five are wounded.

4/4/02 Indonesia Ambon 5 57 Passer-by throws bomb in a Christian center
and kills five, injures fifty-seven.

3/31/02 Israel Haifa 15 40 Fifteen Israelis were killed in a restaurant
by a suicide bomber. Over forty others were injured.

3/30/02 Israel Tel-Aviv 1 30 A 36-year-old woman is killed and thirty
others wounded by a suicide bomber in a café.

3/29/02 Israel Jerusalem 4 28 Two security guards were killed and
twenty-eight people were injured by a suicide bomber. Two soldiers were
also killed that same day by Palestinians in Ramallah.

3/29/02 Israel Neztarim 2 0 Two elderly Jews were killed by a
Palestinian terrorist.

3/28/02 Israel Elon Moreh 4 0 A 20-year-old man, his two middle-aged
parents and his grandfather were killed during a home invasion by a
Muslim gunman.

3/27/02 Israel Netanya 29 133 Hamas (Islamic Resistance) bomber kills
twenty-nine Jews celebrating Passover in a hotel. One-hundred and
thirty-seven others are injured in the attack.

3/24/02 Israel Ramallah 1 0 Woman killed by a shooter while riding in a

3/21/02 Israel Jerusalem 3 86 Suicide bomber kills three and injures
eighty-six when detonating in a crowd of shoppers.

3/20/02 Israel Musmus 7 30 Seven killed and thirty injured by a suicide
bomber while riding on a bus.

3/19/02 Algeria Souq al-Had 6 0 Islamic fundamentalists kill six
victims, all from the same family. The father and mother were beheaded -
four children mutilated.

3/19/02 Algeria Souq al-Had 4 0 Four farmers were ambushed and killed by
armed Islamists.

3/19/02 Algeria Algiers 0 13 Thirteen injured by home-made bomb at the
Post Office.

3/17/02 Israel Kfar Sava 1 16 Terrorist opens fire on motorists. One
teen-ager is killed and sixteen are injured.

3/17/02 Pakistan Islmabad 5 45 Grenade attack on a Christian church
kills five including American woman and her 17-year-old daughter.
Forty-five others were injured.

3/16/02 Pakistan Jhang 5 0 Five policemen killed by gunmen.

3/14/02 Israel Gaza 3 2 Terrorists detonate a bomb by remote control
that kills three Israelis and injures two.

3/12/02 Israel Metzuba 6 7 Gunmen disguised in IDF uniforms ambush a bus
and kill six, wound seven.

3/9/02 Israel Jerusalem 11 54 A Hamas (Islamic Resistance) suicide
bomber kills eleven and injures 54 at a crowded café.

3/9/02 Israel Netanya 2 50 The Fatah Al-Aqsa Brigades takes credit for
killing a 9-month-old infant and one other in grenade attack that also
left 50 others injured.

3/8/02 Algeria al-Bleida 6 0 Islamic attackers open fire on a civilian
vehicle then set the car on fire.

3/8/02 Israel Tulkarem 1 0 Another soldier is killed by a sniper.

3/7/02 Israel Gush Katif 5 23 Five Israeli teen-agers were killed and
twenty-three were injured by a Palestinian sniper.

3/7/02 Nigeria Enugu 12 0 Muslim gunmen storm a Christian prayer meeting
attempting to kill the leader. Twelve are killed, an unknown number

3/6/02 Israel Khan Yunis 2 0 Two Israeli soldiers killed in a
Palestinian ambush.

3/5/02 Israel Bethlehem 1 1 Female motorist gunned down. Her husband was
badly injured.

3/5/02 Israel Tel-Aviv 3 30 Three Israelis were killed and more than
thirty injured when two Muslim gunmen opened fire at adjacent restaurants.

3/5/02 Israel Afula 1 17 85-year-old man was killed in a suicide bombing
at a bus station.

3/3/02 Israel Kissufim 1 4 Soldier killed at a roadblock by Palestinian
gunman. Four others injured.

3/3/02 Israel Ofra 10 6 Terrorist kills ten and wounds six by opening
fire at a roadblock.

3/2/02 Israel Jerusalem 10 52 Ten people, mostly women and small
children were killed by a suicide bomber. Most were waiting with baby
carriages for their husbands to return from the synagogue.

3/2/02 Israel Mar Saba 1 0 Jerusalem police detective assassinated by
Tanzim while on holiday in the desert.

2/28/02 Israel Atarot 1 0 Jewish employer killed by a Muslim employee.
Fatah takes credit for this attack.

2/27/02 Nigeria Ilorin 3 0 Eid-el-Kabir celebrants kill three Christians.

2/26/02 India Gujarat 59 0 Muslims set fire to a train carrying Hindu
activists. Fifty-nine are killed, including fourteen children.

2/25/02 Israel Neve Ya'akov 1 2 One killed and two injured by terrorist
while waiting for a bus.

2/25/02 Israel Tekoa 2 1 Two killed and one injured in a terrorist
shooting attack.

2/22/02 Israel Jerusalem 1 0 59-year-old man killed by Palestinian
terrorist while driving home from work.

2/22/02 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 Jewish journalist Daniel Pearl is
kidnapped, held for several weeks, then killed by five Islamics.
Videotape shows throat being cut.

2/19/02 Israel Ramallah 6 1 Six soldiers killed when terrorists open
fire at a roadblock.

2/18/02 Israel Gush Katif 3 1 Three Israelis killed in Palestinian
shooting attack.

2/16/02 Israel Karnei Shomron 3 30 Three teen-agers were killed by a
Muslim suicide bomber at a pizzeria. Thirty others injured.

2/15/02 Algeria Jejil 3 1 Three members of the Algerian self-defense
forces were killed in a bombing.

2/10/02 Algeria Bouqra 6 0 Islamic fundamentalists slaughter a family of

2/10/02 Israel Be'er Sheva 2 4 Drive-by shooting leaves two young
Israelis dead and four others wounded.

2/9/02 Israel Ariel 1 0 Elderly man shot to death in a Palestinian
ambush while driving car.

2/8/02 Israel Jerusalem 1 0 25-year-old stabbed to death by four
Palestinian teen-agers.

2/6/02 Israel Moshav Hamra 3 0 Three people including a mother and her
11-year-old daughter were killed in a home invasion by an armed terrorist.

2/4/02 Algeria Seidi Lakhder 22 3 Most of the 25 victims were from the
same family and were killed for trying to defend themselves. Knives and
bullets were used.

2/3/02 Algeria al-Medya 12 8 Five Islamic fundamentalists set up a false
roadblock proceeded to kill a dozen motorists.

2/1/02 India Srinigar 1 0 Muslim separatists assassinate an independent
newspaper editor in his office.

1/27/02 Israel Jerusalem 1 150 An 81-year-old was killed and over
one-hundred and fifty injured by suicide bomber armed with more than 10k
of explosives.

1/22/02 Israel Jerusalem 2 40 Palestinian terrorist fires assault rifle
into a bus-stop, killing two women and injuring forty others.

1/20/02 India Behra, Poonch 11 3 Muslim terrorists kill eight children,
two women and one man in their house.

1/17/02 Israel Hadera 6 35 Terrorist barges into a bat mitzvah reception
and kills six guests with an assault rifle. Thirty-five others also shot.

1/16/02 Israel Jenin 1 0 Arab killed in Jenin while sitting in a car
bearing Israeli license plates.

1/15/02 Israel Beit Jala 1 0 American citizen was kidnapped then killed
by Al-Aksa Brigade.

1/15/02 Israel Givat Ze-ev 1 1 Woman killed near gas station. Her aunt
was injured in the shooting attack by Palestinians.

1/9/02 Israel Kerem Shalom 4 2 Palestinian terrorists infiltrate border
and kill four soldiers. Two others were wounded.

1/8/02 India Sprinagar 1 0 Soldier killed by two suicide attackers.

1/6/02 USA Tampa, FL 1 0 Fifteen year-old flies plane into an office
building in Tampa. Suicide note reveals his admiration for Osama Bin
Laden and desire to commit a terrorist attack.

1/1/02 Indonesia Palu 1 0 Four bombs exploded at Christian churches and
one man died in a hand grenade attack in Jakarta.

12/31/01 Pakistan Karachi 0 15 Fifteen persons injured in a bomb blast
in a residential area.

12/30/01 Nigeria Vwang 5 0 Armed Muslims attack Christian community,
kill five and destroy much of the town.

12/25/01 Israel Beit She'an 1 4 One Israeli reservist was killed an four
others wounded in a shooting attack.

12/21/01 India Poshkreeri, Anantnag 3 1 Terrorists kill three girls
(ages 12, 16, 18) and injure their mother because they were Sikhs.

12/21/01 India Hogam 2 0 Two Hindu women shot to death by Muslim

12/19/01 Indonesia Kapaha 9 1 Nine Christians aboard a boat are killed
by Muslim attackers.

12/13/01 Pakistan Karachi 0 19 Nineteen persons injured in a bomb blast
at a residential area.

12/13/01 India New Delhi 7 0 Suicide attack on the Indian parliament
kills twelve, including the five attackers.

12/12/01 Israel Samaria 11 30 Fatah and Hamas (Islamic Resistance)
attackers used roadside bomb, anti-tank grenades and light arms fire to
kill eleven and injure thirty passengers on a bus.

12/11/01 Indonesia Bay of Ambon 7 42 Muslims bomb a boat and then
attempt to stab the survivors to death in the water.

12/7/01 Indonesia Ewiri 2 3 Muslims attack a Christian village, killing
two and wounding three.

12/2/01 Israel Haifa 15 40 Muslim terrorists killed fifteen people and
injured forty who were riding on a bus.

12/1/01 Israel Jerusalem 11 180 Eleven teen-agers were killed by two
suicide bombers. Most of the one-hundred and eighty injuries were also
to teen-agers.

11/29/01 Israel Hadera 3 9 Three killed and nine wounded in Palestinian
attack on a bus-stop.

11/27/01 Israel Afula 2 50 Fatah and Islamic Jihad terrorists fire
assault rifles at a crowded bus-stop, killing two and injuring about fifty.

11/27/01 Israel Gush Katif 1 3 Woman killed while driving home. Three
others injured.

11/19/01 Afghanistan Tangi Abrishum 4 0 Four journalists are abducted
and shot to death. In April of 2003 the men responsible (Taliban
supporters) are finally taken into custody.

11/13/01 Indonesia Ambon 2 5 Muslim attack kills two Christians and
injures five more.

11/12/01 Indonesia Ambon 3 19 Package bomb kills three and injures

11/9/01 Israel Samaria 1 0 Woman shot and killed by Muslim terrorists as
she was driving home from work.

11/6/01 Israel Nablus 1 0 Israeli Captain killed in Palestinian ambush.

11/4/01 Pakistan Mehargam 5 2 Five persons, including a former District
Council chairman, are killed and two more injured in firing by gunmen.

11/4/01 Israel Jerusalem 2 45 Two boys, ages 14 and 16, where gunned
down by Palestinian terrorists at a bus-stop. Forty-five others were

11/2/01 Israel Ofra 1 0 19-year-old soldier killed when Palestinian
gunmen open fire at a roadblock.

11/1/01 Indonesia Waimulang 5 2 Jihad warriors attack Christian village,
killing five and wounding at least two.

11/1/01 Indonesia Palu 4 0 Four Christians murdered by Jihad terrorists
at an illegal roadblock.

11/1/01 Indonesia Tomata 3 12 Jihad warriors attack Christian village
and kill three.

11/1/01 Iraq Mosul 2 2 Roadside bombing by Sunni terrorists kills two
U.S. soldiers and injures two others.

10/28/01 Israel Hadera 4 39 Palestinian terrorists open fire on a
bus-stop killing four and wounding nearly 40.

10/28/01 Israel Metzer 1 0 Fatah terrorists kill one Jew in a machine
gun attack.

10/28/01 Pakistan Quetta 2 25 Blast inside a bus kills two army
personnel and injures another twenty-five.

10/28/01 Pakistan Model Town, Bahawalpur 18 9 A policeman and seventeen
Christians, including five children, are killed and nine others injured
when six gunmen opened fire on a church.

10/27/01 Israel Ariel 3 19 Muslim suicide bomber kills three and injures
nineteen at a gas station.

10/26/01 Pakistan Lahore 1 4 Bomb blast kills a doctor and injures four
other people.
10/22/01 India Awantipora 2 2 Two civilians killed by Fediyeen suicide

10/22/01 Indonesia Toyado 2 0 Two men murdered by Jihad terrorists.

10/21/01 Indonesia Toyado 1 0 Christian is pulled from a car and hacked
to death by Jihad warriors.

10/20/01 Indonesia Betalemba 2 0 At least two killed in a Muslim attack
on Christian village.

10/18/01 Israel Mar Saba 1 2 Palestinian terrorists kill one and
seriously injure two by firing on their vehicle in the Judean desert.

10/17/01 Mauritania Nouakchott 1 1 The Mauritania director of the
international relief organization, World Vision, is gunned down while
walking with his young daughter. She was also shot, but did not die.

10/17/01 Israel Jerusalem 1 0 Israeli Tourism Minister, 75, assassinated
in the hallway of the Hyatt Hotel.

10/16/01 Indonesia Madale 1 1 Muslim mob burns Christian refugee
barracks and kill one, seriously injure one other.

10/14/01 Indonesia Tentena 1 8 Jihad warriors attack passenger bus. They
kill a 22-year-old woman and injure eight other people.

10/14/01 Pakistan Karachi 2 0 Two policeman killed by gunman. This
occurs two days after several security force personnel were killed by
pro-Islamic demonstrators.

10/7/01 Israel Sheluhot 1 0 Hamas (Islamic Resistance) suicide bomber
kills one civilian.

10/7/01 Saudi Arabia Khobar 2 4 Parcel bomb kills two, including an
American, and injures four.

10/5/01 Israel Avnei Hefetz 1 0 Palestinian machine-gun ambush kills
Israeli civilian.

10/4/01 Israel Afula 3 13 Palestinian terrorist disguised as Israeli
paratrooper opens fire on crowded bus stop and kills three, injures

10/3/01 Indonesia Peleru 10 0 Jihad warriors kill 10 Christian villagers
and injure an unknown number.

10/2/01 Israel Alei Sinai 2 15 Two young men (19 and 20) were killed in
their homes by grenade attack. Fifteen others were wounded.

10/1/01 India Srinagar 38 60 Suicide bomber and additional Islamic
militants kill and injure mostly civilians at the J&K State Assembly.

10/1/01 Indonesia Tomata 3 0 Terrorists attack a Christian church,
killing three women.

9/26/01 Algeria Larbaa 22 7 Armed Islamists kill twenty-two civilians
and wound seven.

9/24/01 Israel Shadmot Mehol 1 0 Islamic Jihad kills 28-year-old Israeli.

9/23/01 UK Cambridge 1 0 17-year-old beaten with a hammer and stabbed to
death by Muslim gang in Britain. (Ross Parker murder).

9/21/01 France Toulouse 29 2000 About two-thousand people are injured,
and more than two-dozen killed when a radical Islamist blows up a
fertilizer plant in a suburban part of France.

9/20/01 Israel Tekoa 1 1 Wife killed, husband injured in shooting attack
by Palestinian gunmen.

9/17/01 India Handwara, Kupwara 9 0 Personnel sleeping inside the
basement of a building were attacked by two LeT fidayeen using grenades.
Nine SF personnel and one fidayeen were killed.

9/15/01 Israel Jerusalem 1 0 23-year-old Israeli killed by Palestinian.

9/12/01 Israel Habla 1 0 Jewish woman shot to death while driving home.

9/11/01 Israel Bachan 2 0 Two policeman (ages 19 and 26) were killed
when Palestinian gunmen opened fire at a border checkpoint

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