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Posted by Vijay on 07:49:11 2022/06/15

In Reply to: List of Islamic Terrorist Attacks Since 9/11- 2001/02 posted by Vijay

There is not enough room to list all Islamist atrocities, each of which they proudly claim responsibility for and vow more of the same. From the group with no accomplisments to its name other than death and suffering, here is the list of atrocities from January to June of this year:

6/13/04 India Handwara 0 22 Twenty-two civilians are injured, four
critically by an Islamist who threw a grenade into a busy street.

6/13/04 Iraq Baghdad 13 12 A Fedayeen suicide bomber kills thirteen
Iraqis and injures at least a dozen with a car bomb.

6/13/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 Extremists assassinate two government officials
in separate shooting attacks.

6/12/04 India Pahalgam 4 22 Islamist kills four tourists, including two
children with a grenade lobbed inside a crowded hotel. Twenty-two others
are injured.

6/12/04 Saudi Arabia Riyadh 1 1 al-Qaeda kills an American civilian as
he is parking his car outside his home and kidnaps another American.

6/11/04 Iraq Fallujah 3 0 al-Qaeda members kill three hostages kidnapped
the day before by cutting their throats. The three were employees of a
telecommunications company.

6/10/04 Pakistan Karachi 11 10 Islamic militants ambush a convoy in a
busy residential neighborhood. The intended target escapes the shooting
attack, but eleven others are killed.

6/10/04 Afghanistan Kunduz 11 4 Taliban attack a construction site and
shoot to death eleven Chinese nationals working there. Four others are

6/10/04 India Udhampur 4 0 Militant Muslims shoot four members of a
family to death, including two women and a 6-year-old child.

6/9/04 Chechnya Grozny 10 5 Jihad attacks leave nine Russian soldiers
and one policman dead over a 24-hour period.

6/8/04 Iraq Suwayrah 6 0 Six European coalition troops are killed by a
mortar fired at their base.

6/8/04 Iraq Baqouba 6 24 A Fedayeen suicide bomber kills six, including
five civilians, and injures over two dozen with his attack, which took
place on a busy road at rush hour.

6/8/04 Iraq Mosul 10 58 Ten Iraqis are killed by a car bombing. Dozens
of others are injured in the terrorist attack.

6/8/04 Saudi Arabia Riyadh 1 0 American civilian gunned down by
Islamists at his home in Saudi Arabia.

6/7/04 Thailand Pattani 1 0 Muslim gunmen shoot a Buddhist teacher to
death on the street.

6/7/04 Afghanistan Logar 2 0 Two policemen are killed in a Taliban
attack on their station.

6/6/04 Pakistan Dera Ghazi Khan 1 1 Female Shia doctor is gunned down by
Sunni radicals outside a hospital. Her driver is seriously wounded in
the attack.

6/6/04 Iraq Baghdad 9 48 Two suicide bombers, belonging to a group
calling itself the 'Unification and Jihad Group' kill nine Iraqis and
injure forty-eight others.

6/6/04 Saudi Arabia Riyadh 1 1 Islamist shoots a Briton to death on the
sidewalk. One other is injured in the attack.

6/6/04 Kosovo Gracanica 1 0 17-year-old Christian teenager is shot to
death in a restaurant by Muslim terrorists.

6/5/04 Iraq Musayyib 7 0 Jihadists disguise themselves as police
officers to gain entrance to a police station, then proceed to kill
seven officers in cold blood.

6/5/04 Iraq Baghdad 4 1 Mujahedeen gunmen kill four civilian contractors
in an ambush - two Americans and two Poles.

6/5/04 Algeria Jijel 3 0 Islamic extremists ambush and kill a policeman
and two village guards.

6/5/04 India Mawar 2 0 Hezb-ul-Mujahedeen gunmen invade a home and kill
a 55-year-old woman and her daughter.

6/5/04 Iraq Mosul 0 17 Militants fire RPGs at jobseekers lining up
outside a recruitment office. Seventeen are injured.

6/5/04 Bangladesh Dhaka 9 25 At least nine people, including an infant
and two women are killed when a state bus is set on fire by organized
Islamic terrorists. About thirty others are hospitalized for serious burns.

6/4/04 Iraq Baghdad 5 5 Terrorists bomb a Humvee on routine security
patrol. Five U.S. soldiers are killed and five more injured.

6/4/04 Chechnya Itum-Kalinskiy 4 5 Jihadists attack a Russian convoy,
killing four and injuring five with grenades and automatic weapons.

6/4/04 Russia Samara 10 39 Ten people are killed in a bomb explosion in
an outdoor market. Another forty are injured by the blast, which is
attributed to militant Muslims.

6/3/04 Pakistan North Waziristan 1 2 al-Qaeda suicide bomber kills a
border guard and injures two others.

6/3/04 India Kellar Pahalgam 2 0 A polictical activist is assassinated
by militant Muslims. Another civilian his killed in his home in a
separate attack (Kishtwar).

6/2/04 Iraq Baghdad 5 37 Five people rushing to help an injured woman
are killed by a car bomb. Thirty-seven others are injured in the
terrorist blast.

6/2/04 Afghanistan Khair Khana 5 0 Five members of Doctors Without
Borders, the international aid group that provides medical assistance to
the impoverished are killed by the Taliban in an ambush on their vehicle.

6/2/04 Syria Damascus 2 0 Attack by gunmen on the former UN headquarters
leaves a policman and a civilian dead.

6/2/04 Algeria Bejaia 11 44 The Islamic Salafist Group for Preaching and
Combat attack an Algerian security convoy, killing at least eleven.

6/1/04 Iraq Baghdad 3 20 Three are killed, and more than twenty injured
by a car bombing targeting the minority Kurds, who are seen as infidels
by the other Muslim sects.

6/1/04 Iraq Beiji 11 26 Car bombing by Sunni terrorists kills eleven
Iraqis and injures twenty-six.

6/1/04 Algeria Theniet El-Abed 3 11 Islamic fundamentalists ambush a
security patrol, killing three Algerians and wounding eleven.

5/31/04 Pakistan Turbat 1 12 Fundamentalists target a Minster of
Education who proposed reduced Islamist influence in a new curriculum.
She survives the rocket attack, but a 14-year-old boy is killed and a
dozen others injured.

5/31/04 Pakistan Karachi 19 35 Sunni suicide bomber tergets a Shia
mosque. Nineteen worshippers are killed and at least thirty-five others

5/31/04 Iraq Baghdad 4 25 Four Iraqis are killed in a car bombing.
Another twenty-five are injured.

5/30/04 Pakistan Karachi 1 4 Senior Sunni cleric, age 72, assassinated
in an ambush by Shia radicals.

5/30/04 Afghanistan Musa Qala 4 8 Taliban assassins riding motorbikes
swoop into a town and shoot up a government building, killing four and
injuring eight.

5/29/04 Indonesia Palu 1 0 Christian prosecutor, working to keep three
Bali bombers in jail is assassinated by Jemaah Islamiah extremists in
his car.

5/29/04 Thailand Pattani 1 0 Muslim radicals kidnap a Buddhist civilian
and decapitate him. They leave the body with a note attached, warning
other Buddhists of the same fate.

5/29/04 Saudi Arabia Khobar 22 45 "Are you Christian or Muslim," ask
al-Qaeda militants as they shoot twenty-two infidels to death, including
a 10-year-old boy and take over forty-five hostage in an attack on an
office complex.

5/28/04 Pakistan Lahore 1 0 Pakistani Christian who was attacked with a
hammer by a policeman for violating the State's blasphemy laws dies of
his injuries. The killer claimed he wanted to "earn a spot in Paradise."

5/28/04 India Beerwah 3 0 Five Islamic terrorists invade a home and kill
an elderly man, a 2-year-old boy, and the boys mother. All are shot to

5/28/04 Eritrea Barentu 7 88 At least seven people are killed, and more
than eighty injured in a bomb blast. The government in neighboring Sudan
is suspected of funding the Islamic groups responsible for these attacks.

5/28/04 Sudan Tabit 20 17 Sudanese warplanes bomb a Christian village,
killing at least twenty.

5/28/04 Iraq Mahmudiya 2 0 Two Japanese journalists on their way to pick
up a 10-year-old blinded child for treatment in Japan are attacked by a
Muslim mob, dragged out of their car and beaten to death.

5/27/04 Uzbekistan Isfara 1 0 Baptist pastor gunned down by members of
the Islamist group, Bayrat.

5/27/04 India Jammu 5 2 In five separate attacks in the J&K, militant
Muslims assassinate four civilians and one former SP officer. Two others
are abducted and missing.

5/27/04 Iraq Najaf 2 0 Fedayeen insurgents attack a vehicle carrying a
member of the Iraqi governing council. Her son and bodyguard are killed.

5/26/04 Nigeria Wase 3 6 Fulani militia attacks a government building,
killing three workers and injuring at least six. They also burned houses.

5/26/04 Iraq Bagdad 5 6 Two Russian civilian contractors and two Iraqi
civilians are killed in a shooting attack on their bus as it is pulling
out from a power plant. This follow the 5/10 beating death of another
Russian civilian.

5/26/04 Chechnya Vedeno 4 4 Four policman are killed, and four others
injured in an attack by Muslim rebels.

5/26/04 Pakistan Karachi 1 22 Twin Jihadist car bombings outside the
Pakistan-American cultural center kill one and injure at least
twenty-two others.

5/25/04 Iraq Baghdad 1 4 An Iraqi boy is killed, and four other
civilians injured when a car bomb explodes outside a hotel, near the
Australian consul's office.

5/25/04 Indonesia Ambon 1 13 Bomb blast in the Christian sector of the
city kills one and injures thirteen. A second bomb is found near a
church and defused.

5/24/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 1 Islamic terrorists kill two British civilians
in a rocket attack on their vehicle.

5/23/04 India Srinigar 33 4 Hizb-ul-Mujahideen militants trigger a bomb
under a bus carrying security personnel and their families. Thirty-three
people, including six women and three children are killed.

5/23/04 Chechnya Grozny 5 6 Five Russians are killed when Jihadists blow
up their vehicle and then open fire with assault rifles.

5/23/04 Afghanistan Waza Khwa 3 1 Three Afghan security personnel are
killed in a Taliban ambush while they are escorting a food and medical
supply shipment to an impoverished area.

5/23/04 Iraq Baqubah 2 1 Terrorists fire on a vehicle, killing a
university student and a police official.

5/23/04 Iraq Basra 5 0 Five members of a family, including two children
(ages 4 and 7), are killed in an insurgent mortar attack.

5/22/04 Saudi Arabia Riyadh 1 0 A German caterer is shot in the head and
body, execution-style, on the sidewalk outside a shopping mall.

5/22/04 Sudan Abga Rajil 56 24 Arab militia kill fifty-six African
villagers in a raid. The government-supported terrorists targeted black
civilians in their attack.

5/22/04 Iraq Baghdad 6 10 Fedayeen suicide bomber kills six other Iraqis
and injures at least ten. In addition to improving the bomber's
afterlife, the blast was intended to kill a ministry official and his wife.

5/22/04 Israel Nablus 0 4 A 19-year-old suicide bomber kills himself and
injures four others at a checkpoint.

5/21/04 Iraq Baqubah 4 1 Jihadists kill four Iraq security personnel
manning a road block by driving up and then unloading with RPGs and
weapons fire.

5/21/04 Bangladesh Sylhet 2 50 At least two people are killed by a bomb
blast at a shrine. Some fity others, including a British diplomat are

5/21/04 Nigeria Saminaka 7 0 In the latest of a series of attacks on
Christian villagers, seven more are killed by Nigerian Jihadists as they
sought refuge in their homes.

5/21/04 Nigeria Jiram 15 0 Fifteen Christian villagers are massacred by

5/20/04 India Chadoura 3 22 Hizb-ul-Mujahideen terrorists kill three,
including two children, and injure about two dozen with a bomb planted
on a bicycle.

5/20/04 Iraq Mosul 1 4 Bomb blast kills one Iraqi civilian and injures
four others.

5/19/04 Nigeria Sabo Gida 10 0 Ten Christian villagers are killed by
armed Muslims. An unknown number are injured by the attackers, who also
burned churches and houses.

5/19/04 Nigeria Bakin Ciyawa 24 0 Jihadists kill twenty-four Christian

5/18/04 Nigeria Gidan Sabo 18 0 Muslim Nigerians kill eighteen Christian
villagers - mostly farmers, women and children.

5/18/04 Israel Rafah 2 0 Palestinian bombs take the lives of two Arab
teenagers - a sixteen-year-old girl and her 13-year-old brother - who
were washing clothes on the roof of their house when hit by the shrapnel.

5/18/04 Algeria Setif 2 13 Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat, an
Islamic extremist group kills two Algerian soldiers and injures thirteen
others in two bombing ambushes.

5/17/04 Iraq Baghdad 7 8 Fedayeen suicide bomber kills the Iraqi
governing council president and at least six others. Eight were reported
to be injured in the blast.

5/17/04 Chechnya Grozny 12 3 Three separate Jihad attacks leave twelve
Russian servicemen dead and at least three injured or kidnapped.

5/17/04 Thailand Narathiwat 1 3 Muslims bomb three Buddhist temples on
Sunday, injuring two. The next day they shoot a police officer in the
head, as he is riding to work.

5/16/04 Iraq Baghdad 3 1 Muslim radical opens fire on a minibus carrying
Christian women, forcing them to the side of the road. He then tosses an
explosive in the vehicle, killing three, including the driver.

5/16/04 Iraq Mahmoudiya 1 1 Iraqi woman working as a translator for the
coalistion is killed in her home.

5/15/04 Iraq Mosul 4 17 Four civilians were killed, and seventeen others
injured by a mortar attack on a recruitment office.

5/14/04 Israel Rafah 2 2 Hamas snipers kill an Israeli soldier as he was
in the process of bringing food to an elderly Palestinian woman's house.
A soldier attempting to help the first was killed as well.

5/14/04 Pakistan Lahore 7 0 Seven members of a Shia' familiy, including
two women and two children (one a 7-year-old girl) are bound and
executed in their home with a bullet to each head. 'Shiites are
Infidels' is found written on the wall.

5/12/04 Philippines Jolo 1 14 Abu Sayyaf terrorists kill a
fifteen-year-old Catholic girl with a grenade - fourteen others are also
injured in the attack.

5/12/04 Nigeria Kano 30 44 Muslim rampage against Christians continues
in Kano with at least another thrity people losing their lives.

5/12/04 Iraq Balad 1 4 Philippino warehouse worker is killed, and four
other civilian employees injured in a mortar attack on a U.S. base from
a residential neighborhood.

5/12/04 Israel Rafah 5 0 Another remote-controlled landmine attack by
Islamic Jihad on an APC kills five additional Israeli soldiers
attempting to block off tunnel used by Palestinian terrorists.

5/11/04 Nigeria Kano 11 0 At least eleven Christians are burned to death
by a Muslim mob that also sets two churches on fire.

5/11/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 3 "Allahu Akbar" shout jubilent al-Qaeda members
as they cut off the head of an American (civilian) prisoner on video.
Elsewhere in the city, a Russian contractor is killed and two others

5/11/04 Israel Gaza 6 0 Hamas terrorists trigger a land mine blast under
an APC, killing six young Israeli soldiers. Hamas also take the body
parts to prevent their recovery.

5/10/04 Iraq Mosul 1 4 Insurgents kill a four-year-old girl in a rocket

5/10/04 Iraq Kirkuk 3 0 Radicals shoot two foreign civilians and one
Iraqi to death in front of their house.

5/9/04 Afghanistan Kabul 2 0 Two foreigners, one a Swiss citizen, are
stoned to death in a public park.

5/9/04 India Doda 1 15 Militant Muslim lobs a grenade at a hospital,
killing one and injuring fifteen others.

5/9/04 Chechnya Grozny 24 60 Jihadists assassinate the Chechnyan
President and at least twenty-three others in a stadium blast that
leaves more than fifty, including elderly and children severely injured.

5/9/04 Iraq Baghdad 7 13 Terrorists kill a child and six others by
exploding a bomb in a crowded market. Thirteen others are injured.

5/7/04 Iraq Latifiya 2 1 An award-winning Polish journalist is shot to
death, along with an Algerian colleague by Sunni insurgents in a
drive-by attack.

5/7/04 Pakistan Toba Tek Singh 1 0 Catholic student abducted by Muslim
school refuses to convert to Islam and is tortured to death.

5/7/04 Pakistan Karachi 13 80 Thirteen worshippers are killed, and more
than eighty others injured when a suicide bomber detonates his
explosives inside a Shiite mosque.

5/7/04 Iraq Mosul 4 1 Roadside terrorist bombing kills four Iraqi

5/6/04 Iraq Baghdad 6 25 Suicide car bomber kills five civilians and one
soldier at a checkpoint. Twenty-three other civilians and two U.S.
soldiers are injured in the blast.

5/6/04 Iraq Kirkuk 2 1 Car carrying a government official is attacked by
Sunni extremists, killing him and the driver, and wounding his wife.

5/5/04 India Anantnag Lok Sabha 1 2 Militant Muslim lobs a grenade at a
polling booth, killing one and injuring two.

5/5/04 Indonesia Maluku 2 3 Muslim gunmen in a speedboat kill a
Christian man and an 11-month-old baby. Three others are also shot, but
manage to survive.

5/4/04 Afghanistan Nuristan 3 0 Two British civilians, working to
register Afghans for upcoming elections, are killed along with their
translator in a suspected Taliban ambush.

5/3/04 Pakistan Gawadar 3 11 Pakistani radicals bomb a bus carrying
Chinese engineers to a port project. Three are killed and eleven injured.

5/3/04 Afghanistan Zabul 10 0 Separate Taliban attacks in southern
Afghanistan leave ten security officers dead.

5/2/04 Algeria Algiers 2 0 Two police officers are gunned down by
Islamists while on-duty.

5/2/04 Algeria Medea 3 1 Three community guards are killed by Islamists.
A fourth is kidnapped.

5/2/04 Algeria Chrea Forest 2 4 Two soldiers are killed when a bomb
planted by Islamic extremists explodes under their car. Four others are

5/2/04 Israel Gush Katif 5 3 Palestinian gunmen ambush a vehicle and
kill four Jewish children and their pregnant mother who were in the
process of entering their community. Islamic Jihad takes credit for the
brutal attack.

5/2/04 Iraq Ramadi 6 0 Sunni mortar attack on a U.S. base kills five
sailors and one soldier.

5/1/04 Algeria Sabounet 3 1 A mother and her two children are
slaughtered by Islamic extremists in an attack on their village in the
Algerian desert.

5/1/04 Sudan Akobo 204 70 Khartoum-backed militia kills over two-hundred
people, many women and children in a raid on their camp. Sudan recently
criticized the U.S. for abusing prisoner rights.

5/1/04 Saudi Arabia Yanbu 7 25 Three Saudi employees of an oil company
use their access to the building to systematically shoot as many
Westerners as possible in a room-by-room attack. At six are killed on
the spot and a seventh man dies two weeks later in a Houston hospital.

4/30/04 Iraq Mosul 2 5 Two foreign security guards are killed in a bomb
attack. Five others are injured.

4/30/04 Iraq Fallujah 2 6 Suicide car bomber kills two U.S. soldiers and
injures six.

4/30/04 Algeria Relizane 2 0 Two hunters fall victim to Islamic
extremists in western Algeria.

4/29/04 Iraq Mahmoudiya 8 4 Car bombing kills eight U.S. soldiers and
injures four others.

4/29/04 Afghanistan Thaloqan 6 0 Six Afghan soldiers traveling on
motorcycles are attacked by Taliban terrorists and killed.

4/29/04 Iraq Basra 1 0 South African civilian is killed by Muslim
extremists in a drive-by shooting.

4/28/04 India Srinigar 2 55 Two people are killed, and fifty-five others
injured in a terrorist explosion at an election rally.

4/28/04 Iraq Kut 2 1 Two Ukrainian soldiers are killed an an RPG attack
on their convoy while on security patrol.

4/28/04 Iraq Mosul 9 0 Series of Sunni attacks in Mosul kills eight
Iraqi policemen and one civilian.

4/28/04 Thailand Yala 5 0 Thai Muslims storm 15 governement buildings in
a coordinated attack and kill at least five. An unknown number are injured.

4/27/04 Syria Damascus 2 0 A female civilian and a policeman are killed
in a shooting and bombing attack on the British embassy in Damascus by
four Islamic radicals.

4/26/04 Afghanistan Panjwayi 3 2 Taliban members walk into a
humanitarian office and shoot several employees to death. The office was
established to help Afghanis with their basic needs.

4/25/04 Indonesia Ambon 12 24 Islamic radicals go on a rampage against
Christians, killing at least twelve and then setting a UN building on fire.

4/25/04 Iraq Mosul 2 10 Jihad rocket attack on a hospital kills two
medics and injures ten other civilian workers.

4/25/04 India Kulgam 3 46 Militant Muslims attempt to assassinate a
female political figure in a grenade attack. Three are killed and
forty-six injured.

4/25/04 Israel Migdal Oz 1 2 Palestinian gunmen kill a border policeman
and wound two others in a sniper attack from a residential section.

4/24/04 Iraq Baghdad 5 6 Five U.S. soldiers are killed in a rocket
attack launched from a residential neighborhood. Six are wounded.

4/24/04 Iraq Tikrit 4 16 Roadside bomb kills four - two police and two
civilians. Sixteen others were injured.

4/24/04 Iraq Baghdad 12 25 Twelve people in a market were killed when
Jihadists launched mortar rounds into the crowded area.

4/24/04 Iraq Basra 2 4 Two U.S. sailors were killed after a boat they
boarded exploded. Two other boats with suicide bombers were intercepted
before they could do harm.

4/24/04 India Bazipora 2 0 Militant Muslims enter the home of a police
officer while he is on duty and behead his wife and 8-year-old daughter.

4/24/04 Iraq Iskandariyah 14 11 Fourteen passengers are killed when a
bus hits a roadside bomb. Another eleven are injured in the explosion.

4/23/04 India Surankote 1 2 Militants open fire on a police station,
killing one officer and injuring two others.

4/23/04 India Srinigar 0 23 Two separate grenade attacks on political
offices leave at least twenty-three people injured, mostly civilians.

4/22/04 Thailand Rayang 3 0 Muslim separatists set fire to fifty
government buildings, then kill two firefighters trying to put out the
blazes. The next day they shoot an army officer dead in his driveway
while he was washing his car.

4/22/04 India Srinigar 2 6 Two people are killed and six injured in
grenade attacks by Islamists attempting to disrupt the elections.

4/22/04 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 South African civilian is shot twice in the
head and back while on his way to buy meat for a barbecue.

4/22/04 Afghanistan Sperah 2 0 Taliban ambush kills two soldiers, one
U.S. (Pat Tillman), the other Afghan.

4/21/04 Iraq Basra 68 100 Five suicide bombings kill sixty-eight people,
including eighteen children who burned to death in their school bus.
More than one-hundred other civilians were injured in the "Holy Warrior"

4/21/04 Saudi Arabia Riyadh 6 148 al-Qaeda suicide bomber blasts his way
to Allah, taking six others, including an 11-year-old girl, with him in
the car bomb explosion. One-hundred and forty-eight innocents are injured.

4/21/04 India Udhampur 2 2 One civilian is killed in his home (Doda),
another abducted and later shot dead. Muslim militants also cut off the
ears of two other people for participating in the elections.

4/20/04 India Srinigar 16 24 Militant Muslims kill at least sixteen,
including a female journalist and a taxi driver, in an attempt to
disrupt elections. At least two dozen others are injured.

4/20/04 Iraq Baghdad 22 90 U.S. controlled prison is shelled in a mortar
attack. Twenty-two prisoners are killed and over ninety injured.

4/19/04 Afghanistan Spin Boldak 1 1 Afghan driver is killed in a Taliban
ambush on his oil truck.

4/19/04 Algeria Tipaza 3 0 Three people killed by Islamic
fundamentalists who set up a fake road block to snag the victims.

4/18/04 Thailand Sungai Padi 1 0 Railway worker shot and killed by
Muslim separatists while he was on his way to work.

4/17/04 Israel Eraz 1 3 Hamas takes credit for a suicide bombing that
kills a 20-year-old border guard then complains loudly when it's own
leader is taken out with a missile a few hours later.

4/17/04 Kosovo Mitrovica 2 10 Jordanian shoots two American women to
death who were working as prison guards. He also injures ten others in
the attack.

4/17/04 Algeria Baghlia 2 7 Bomb planted by Islamic fundamentalists
explodes on a road, killing two Algerian security personnel and injuring

4/16/04 Iraq Mosul 8 17 Fedayeen mortar attack leaves eight Iraqi
civilians dead and seventeen injured.

4/16/04 Afghanistan Del Aram Road 8 0 Eight Afghan soldiers at a
checkpoint are killed in a nighttime rocket attack by Taliban miscreants.

4/16/04 Iraq Baghdad 3 3 Terrorists attack a U.S. security patrol with
rocket-propelled grenades. Three soldiers are killed and three injured.

4/15/04 Sudan Darfur 32 0 Thirty-two villagers are massacered by
governement-backed militias violating a cease-fire. There were also
several homes torched and people injured.

4/15/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 An Italian hostage is executed on videotape
after being interviewed by an Arabic news crew. Elsewhere, an Iranian
diplomat is shot to death by Sunni extremists.

4/15/04 Afghanistan Chinarto 10 0 A local police chief and nine
bodyguards are killed in a Taliban ambush on their vehicles.

4/15/04 USA Scottsville, NY 1 2 Muslim kills his wife and attacks his
two daughters with a knife and hammer because he feared that they had
been sexually molested and wanted to restore their "honor."

4/14/04 Afghanistan Khost 2 2 Taliban elements ambush an Afghan military
patrol, leaving two dead and two injured.

4/14/04 India Banihal 2 22 Terrorist hurls grenade at a political rally,
killing one and injuring twenty-two. Another soul dies of injuries four
days later.

4/14/04 Iraq Mosul 4 6 Four civilians, including two women are killed
and six others injured by a Fedayeen mortar attack on a crowded market.

4/13/04 USA Raleigh 1 4 Mental health problems behind member of
tight-knit Muslim community deliberately running down five strangers
with a vehicle? One died.

4/13/04 Saudi Arabia Um Sedrah 4 2 Militants gun down four Saudi police
officers at a checkpoint.

4/12/04 Israel Netzarim 0 0 Two Palestinians are killed by the IDF as
the attempt to infiltrate a settlement for the purpose of killing
Israeli citizens.

4/12/04 Chechnyna Ishkhoi-Yurt 7 0 At least seven policmen were killed
in a terrorist attack by Jihad fighters on their vehicles.

4/11/04 Pakistan Karachi 1 9 Car bomb set by Islamists at a music
concert kills a 23-year-old man and injures nine others.

4/11/04 Philippines Sabah 0 3 Abu Sayyaf terrorists attack a tugboat and
take three crew members hostage.

4/11/04 Indonesia Sulawesi 0 7 Islamic gunmen open fire on an Easter
church service, wounding seven worshippers.

4/11/04 Nigeria Rwang Doka and Jenkur 3 0 Muslim militia attacks two
Christian villages and kills three people, in addition to burning homes.

4/11/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 Helicoptor shot down by Jihad militants. Both
crew members are killed.

4/10/04 Iraq Hit 4 12 British security guard protecting electrical
contractors is shot dead. Elsewhere, an attack on a fuel convoy
leavesthree dead and twelve injured.

4/10/04 Thailand Had Yai 1 35 Bomb planted by Muslim separatists at a
railway station kills a 7-year-old boy and injures thirty-five others.

4/9/04 Iraq Baghdad 3 0 Three U.S. civilian truckdrivers are killed in
an attack on their convoy by Fedayeen gunmen. Their bodies are
subsequently mutilated.

4/8/04 India Uri 11 68 Four people are killed immediately (seven others
die in hospitals), and sixty-eight injured at a political rally by a
Fedayeen suicide bomber.

4/8/04 Iraq Fallujah 1 5 RPG fired from a mosque injures five Marines.
Another is killed in the ensuing gun battle.

4/7/04 India Parigam 1 0 Muslim terrorists enter a civilian's home and
shoot his young daughter to death.

4/7/04 India Choornar Forest 4 16 Four security force personnel are
killed, and sixteen injured when Lashkar-e-Toiba terrorists detonate an
IED under their vehicles.

4/6/04 Pakistan Karachi 3 0 At least three people are shot to death by
gunmen riding motorcycles.

4/6/04 Iraq Kut 1 0 Radical Shiites enter a house and shoot a South
African contractor to death.

4/5/04 Somalia Berbera 1 1 Somaliland government admits that the killers
of a Kenyan aid worker were from an al-Qaeda faction. A German aid
worker was seriously injured by the same terrorists.

4/5/04 India Srinigar 0 60 About sixty people, including women and
children are injured when a militant Muslim hurls a grenade into a busy

4/4/04 Iraq Baghdad 9 24 A mob of Shiite radicals storm through a
neighborhood, killing nine coalition soldiers sent to protect citizens
from violent attack. Twenty-four others are injured.

4/4/04 Iraq Mahmoudiya 2 0 Shooting ambush kills Iraqi police chief and
his driver.

4/4/04 Pakistan Karachi 5 1 Terrorists attack a Pakistani police
station, force five captured officers to chant from the Qur'an, then
execute them.

4/3/04 Israel Avnei Hefetz 1 0 Father of six shot dead by a Hamas
terrorist outside his home after spending the evening with his children.

4/3/04 Spain Madrid 1 11 Seven terrorists responsible for the deaths of
more than two-hundred train commuters, recite the Qur'an and then blow
themselves up. One policeman is killed.

4/3/04 India Kashmir 8 7 Mujahideen militants kill two Indian soldiers
and six civilians in separate attacks. Some of the bodies are mutilated.

4/2/04 Iraq Baquba 3 3 Attackers yell "Allah Akbar," then kill three
policemen riding in a vehicle with a hand grenade. Three others are

4/2/04 Uzbekistan Bukhara 1 0 Female suicide bomber kills a policman and
critically injures herself.

4/2/04 Pakistan Lahore 1 0 Christian pastor is gunned down by Muslim
extremists in front of hiw wife and four children.

3/31/04 Iraq Baquba 0 10 Six civilians and four police are injured by a
car bomb in the Sunni Triangle.

3/31/04 Iraq Fallujah 4 0 In a very brutal attack, a mob of Muslims stop
two cars carrying American civilians providing security for a
food-providing convoy, kill occupants, set their vehicles on fire,
disfigure the bodies and then drag them through the streets.

3/31/04 Iraq Fallujah 5 0 Five U.S. soliders are killed as terrorists
detonate a roadside bomb under their vehicle.

3/31/04 Iraq Ramadi 6 5 Six civilians killed by a car bomb. Five injured.

3/30/04 Indonesia Tomura 1 1 A Christian pastor is fatally wounded by
Muslim gunmen. One other person is also injured in the attack.

3/30/04 Uzbekistan Tashkent 4 0 Civilian and three police officers
killed in a series of self-induced explosions and gun battles with

3/29/04 Uzbekistan Tashkent 19 26 Nineteen people, including children,
police officers and civilians are killed in a series of suicide bombings
by Muslim extremists in central Uzbekistan. Twenty-six people are killed.

3/28/04 Afghanistan Deh Rawud 2 13 Taliban attack on a military post
leaves two people dead, three wounded and ten missing.

3/27/04 Iraq Mosul 2 19 Rocket attack on a city hall kills two civilians
and injures nearly twenty, including a child.

3/27/04 Afghanistan Khost 0 6 Six civilians, including a young child are
injured by a Taliban rocket attack on a restaurant.

3/27/04 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Mujihideen gunmen shoot two British security
guards at an oil well then set their vehicle on fire.

3/27/04 Thailand Sunghai Kolok 0 28 Twenty-eight people are injured when
a bomb hidden on a motorcycle explodes outside a karaoke bar.

3/26/04 Pakistan Zam Cham 2 12 Two civilians are killed, and more than a
dozen injured when al-Qaeda remnants fire a rocket into their village.

3/26/04 Iraq Fallujah 8 25 Eight civilians, including three childrenare
killed by Sunni extremists in gun battles and mortar attacks with U.S.

3/26/04 Pakistan South Waziristan 8 0 Eight injured soldiers, captured
by al-Qaeda, are excuted in cold blood. Bodies are recovered by local

3/25/04 Iraq Mosul 1 0 Sunni gunmen kill a Christian Assyrian police

3/24/04 Iraq Baghdad 3 6 Terrorists kill a 3-year-old boy, his
grandmother, and another relative with a roadside bomb targeting infidels.

3/24/04 India Rajouri 1 1 Militant Muslims kill a 15-year-old girl in an
IED attack that also injures her mother.

3/23/04 Chechnya Grozny 10 13 Ten servicemen and police officers are
killed in several different terrorist attacks by Jihadists over a
24-hour period.

3/23/04 Iraq Mosul 2 6 Fedayeen rocket attack kills two civilians and
injures six others.

3/23/04 Kosovo Kuzmin 2 1 Albanian terrorists kill two police officers
and injure and english translator in Kosovo.

3/23/04 Iraq Kirkuk 2 2 Drive-by shooting kills two police officers and
injures two others.

3/23/04 Pakistan Bannu 4 4 Package bomb and Russian-made rocket attack
kill at least four.

3/23/04 Iraq Hilla 9 2 Sunni gunmen open up on a minibus carrying police
and recruits with automatic weapons fire, killing nine and injuring at
least two.

3/22/04 Pakistan Islamabad 11 12 Two al-Qaeda ambushes claim the lives
of eleven Pakistani soldiers.

3/22/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 Two Finnish businessmen are shot and killed by
Fedayeen terrorists.

3/22/04 Iraq Balad 2 25 Car bomb inside a tunnel kills two Iraqi
civilians and injures twenty-five others.

3/21/04 Thailand Pattani 3 0 A Buddhist policeman is hacked to death by
militant Muslims. One other policeman and a village chief are shot to
death in separate attacks within a 24-hour span.

3/21/04 Iraq Baghdad 4 12 A rocket attack on a U.S. compound kills two
Iraqi civilians. Elsewhere a roadside bombing kills one civilian and one
U.S. soldier.

3/21/04 India Tanka 3 4 Hizb-ul-Mujahideen terrorists kill two children
(ages 4 and 5) in their residence with an IED. Four other family members
are injured in the attack. The same group also killed an off-duty
policeman elsewere in the Doda district.

3/20/04 India Manasbal 2 40 Two soldiers were killed by a
remote-controlled bomb. Thirty-eight others, along with two civilians
were injured in the terrorist attack.

3/19/04 Israel Jerusalem 1 0 al-Aqsa Brigade apologizes after the jogger
that it gunned down in cold blood turns out to be Arab.

3/19/04 Pakistan Karachi 1 6 Islamic radicals spray a police car with
automatic weapons fire, killing one and injuring six others, including
four passersby.

3/19/04 Somalia Hergeysa 2 0 Two aid workers shot to death in Somalia by
anti-Western extremists.

3/18/04 Iraq Baquba 3 10 Sunni gunmen open fire on a bus carrying Iraqi
journalists and crew of a local TV station funded by Americans. Three
are killed and ten injured.

3/18/04 Iraq Baghdad 4 1 Muslims barge into a Christian home and kill
the two children they find there. There mother is also killed, as well
as their grandfather.

3/18/04 Iraq Basra 3 1 Fedayeen suicide bomber kills three other Iraqis
and injures at least one outside a hotel.

3/17/04 Iraq Baghdad 7 51 al-Qaeda car bomb rips through a hotel,
killing seven and injuring over fifty.

3/17/04 Iraq Baghdad 3 9 Two separate mortar attacks on U.S. bases leave
three soldiers dead and nine wounded.

3/17/04 Algeria Berrouaghia 8 2 Armed Islamic Group (GIA) attack two
ambulances in the desert with machine-gunfire, killing eight people and
injuring two.

3/16/04 Iraq Mussayab 2 0 Two more humanitarian aid workers (German) on
a clean water project are gunned down by Fedayeen (Holy Warriors).

3/16/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 11 Two separate rocket attacks in Bagdad, leave
two children dead and about eleven wounded.

3/16/04 Iraq Mosul 1 2 An Iraqi translator is killed in a shooting
ambush in the Sunni Triangle. Two of his family members are injured.

3/15/04 Chechnya Grozny 9 22 Nine Russian soldiers and police are killed
in eighteen separate Jihad attacks over a two-day period.

3/15/04 Iraq Mosul 4 1 Four Christian missionaries working on a
humanitarian clean water project for Iraqis are gunned down by Fedayeen
terrorists while riding in their vehicle.

3/15/04 Kosovo Pristina 1 0 Serbian youth is killed in a drive-by
shooting by Muslim terrorists.

3/14/04 Israel Ashdod 10 19 Two 18-year old suicide bombers kill ten
port workers, and injure about twenty more. Al-Aqsa takes credit and
says its intended target, chemical tanks, would have caused far greater
civilian casulties.

3/13/04 Iraq Tikrit 4 5 Four U.S. soldiers are killed while on security
duty by two roadside bomb attacks in Tikrit and Habbiniyah.

3/12/04 India Pulwama 13 12 Muslim militants hole up inside a girl's
school after a gun battle with police. Thirteen people are killed, and
at least a dozen wounded in this and incidents in a 24-hour period.

3/12/04 Algeria Tebessa 4 0 Four Algerian soldiers are killed in an
attack by Islamic fundamentalists (Salafist Group for Preaching and

3/11/04 Afghanistan Khost 2 3 Taliban bomb kills two Afghan soldiers and
injures another three.

3/11/04 Spain Madrid 201 1500 Ten coordinated al-Qaeda bomb blasts on
commuter trains during the rush hour leave over two-hundred people dead
and some fifteen hundred injured.

3/11/04 Indonesia Maranatha 1 5 Brutal machete attack on a Christian
village leaves a mother of two dead and five others injured.

3/11/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 1 Shia cleric survives assassination attempt, but
his son and son-in-law are killed in the shooting ambush

3/10/04 Iraq Basra 2 0 Two Iraqi women, on their way home from working
laundry at a coalition base, are shot to death.

3/9/04 Iraq Hillah 3 0 Two American civilians, including a female human
rights worker, along with an Iraqi translator are executed after being
stopped at a phony checkpoint.

3/9/04 India Budgam 3 35 Attempted abduction goes awry with a terrorist
killing himself and three others with a grenade. Thirty-five are injured.

3/9/04 Turkey Istanbul 2 7 Suspected al-Qaeda terrorists use an
explosive device and weapons fire against the restaurant of a Masonic

3/8/04 Chechnya Grozny 9 5 Nine Russian soldiers are killed in separate
Jihad attacks over a 24-hour period.

3/8/04 Sudan Aish Barra 12 0 Twelve civilians, including three children
are killed by a militia group supported by the Muslim government.

3/7/04 Algeria Kabylie 2 4 Bombing attack by Islamic extremists leaves
two Algerian soldiers dead and four injured.

3/7/04 Iraq Mosul 2 2 Terrorist RPG attack on a police station kills two
civilians and injures two more.

3/6/04 Yemen Zammar 5 30 Gunman tosses grenades and opens fire outside a
mosque, killing five and injuring thirty.

3/6/04 Afghanistan Nokhaiz 1 0 Taliban gunmen kill an aid worker driving

3/6/04 Israel Eraz 3 9 Three Palestinian policemen were killed, and nine
injured in a botched attack by three terrorists against an Israeli
border checkpoint.

3/6/04 Sudan al-Kureinik 15 0 Government-supported militia group raids a
refugee camp and kills fifteen Christian civilians, including a child.

3/6/04 Sudan Tawila 75 350 Arabs kill seventy-five Africans, rape 100
women and then abduct about two-hundred children and a further
one-hundred and fifty women.

3/5/04 Afghanistan Shay Joy 2 2 Taliban gunmen kill and Afghan guard and
a Turkish engineer. They abduct two others.

3/4/04 Afghanistan Pakistani Border 7 0 Seven Afghan troops are killed
by a Taliban rocket and machine-gun attack on their post.

3/4/04 Iraq Baghdad 3 5 Three members of a family are killed, and five
others injured, by a rocket attack on their car.

3/3/04 India Jammu 7 12 Lashker-e-Toiba ultras storm high-security
central jail in an effort to free other terrorists. The dead include
policemen and civilians.

3/2/04 Iraq Karbala 123 300 al-Qaeda bombers, including one Fedayeen,
kill at least one-hundred and twenty Shias gathered for a religious
festival. About three-hundred others are injured.

3/2/04 Iraq Baghdad 58 200 Three Sunni Fedayeen suicide bombers kill
themselves and about fity-eight worshippers at a Shia shrine and injure
more than two-hundred.

3/2/04 Pakistan Quetta 42 160 Sunni terrorists invade a Shia religious
procession. They throw grenades, then fire weapons into the crowd, and
finish it off by blowing themselves up. At least forty-two are killed
and more than one-hundred and sixty injured.

3/1/04 Thailand Mayoh 1 0 Muslim separatists shoot a policeman to death
as he is driving to work.

3/1/04 India Pulwama 3 0 Militant Muslims kill a civilian and his son in
their home. They also return to the scene of an earlier murder and kill
the victim's wife.

2/29/04 India Srinigar 0 8 Eight civilians are injured when militant
Muslims stage grenade attack on a security camp.

2/28/04 India Bijbehara 0 13 Five security personnel and eight civilians
are injured in a grenade attack.

2/28/04 Pakistan Islamabad 0 4 Suicide bomber attacks a Shia mosque. His
is the only fatality, although he did manage to cause serious injury to
two children.

2/27/04 India Beerwah 1 3 Militant Muslims fire on a political rally
with RPGs. One woman is killed and two other women hurt.

2/27/04 Philippines Mariveles 186 12 Abu Sayyaf, the Muslim extremist
group, claims responsibility for an explosion on a ferry that kills
nearly two-hundred people.

2/27/04 Algeria Boukerdane 2 0 Two off-duty soldiers are executed by
Islamic extremists after being stopped at a fake checkpoint.

2/27/04 Israel Hebron 2 0 Palestinian gunmen open fire on a civilian
vehicle, killing two young Jewish parents of a two-year old daughter.

2/26/04 Afghanistan Sarobi 5 3 Five aid workers, involved in a project
to build roads and provide clean water, are ambushed and killed by the
Taliban. Three are injured.

2/25/04 Nigeria Yelwa 49 0 Forty-nine members of a farming community are
slaughtered by Muslim Fulanis after taking refuge in a local church.
Most of the Christians were brutally hacked to death. The number of
injured is unknown.

2/24/04 Iraq Mosul 3 0 Two Iraqi translators and a technician are shot
to death by Sunni terrorists as they drove to work at a coalition
military base.

2/23/04 India Gagarsula 2 3 One security force personnel is killed, and
three injured by an remote-controlled bomb. Elsewhere (Kremshore) a
civilian is shot dead outside his shop.

2/23/04 India Dadsara 1 4 A 10-year old child is killed, and four others
critically wounded when an Islamic militant throws a grenade onto a
2/23/04 Iraq Kirkuk 8 35 Eight Iraqi policemen are killed in a Fedayeen
suicide car bombing. Thirty-five others, including two children were hurt.
2/22/04 Afghanistan Thalogan 1 1 A Muslim gunman attacks a helicopter on
a humanitarian mission, killing the Australian pilot and injuring an
American woman helping to set up health clinics in the area.

2/22/04 Israel Jerusalem 8 61 An al-Aksa suicide terrorist blows up
another civilian bus during rush hour, killing eight passengers and
injuring over sixty.

2/20/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 1 In two separate attacks, a Muslim cleric and an
Iraqi translator are gunned down by assassins.

2/19/04 Philippines Jolo 1 1 Abu Sayaaf gunmen abduct a 7-year old girl
at a Roman Catholic school after killing her driver.

2/19/04 Iraq Khaldiya 2 1 Roadside bombing in the Sunni Triangle leaves
two U.S. soldiers dead.

2/19/04 Nigeria Jos 4 0 Muslim gunmen ambush a police vehicle and kill
the four passengers.

2/18/04 Kosovo Staro 2 0 Muslim terrorists shoot two civilians, a man
and a woman, to death as they were sitting in their car.

2/18/04 Iraq Hilla 8 106 Eight Iraqis, including five children are
killed and more than one-hundred others injured by twin Fedayeen suicide
car bombers who were stopped by coalition forces.

2/17/04 India Dada 2 0 Muslim terrorists invade a house and shoot a
civilian and his son to death.

2/16/04 India Hyderpora Chowk 3 0 A political activist and two policemen
are gunned down by Islamists.

2/16/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 5 Two terrorist bombings in the Sunni Triangle
leave two U.S. soldiers dead and five wounded.

2/16/04 India Budgam 2 0 Muslim rebels kill two villagers.

2/15/04 Iraq Baghdad 1 4 A Christian pastor is killed, and four others
are injured when vehicle pulls alongside their car and fires into the

2/14/04 Iraq Fallujah 21 33 'There is no god but Allah!' shout gunmen
who storm a police prison, killing more than twenty and injuring at
least thirty-three others.

2/14/04 Thailand Narathiwat 2 0 Muslim gunmen on a motorcycle kill two
workers as they are on their way to a job site.

2/13/04 Afghanistan All Shaire 2 6 A shopkeeper and Afghan soldier were
killed by a Taliban terrorist bomb that also injured six others.

2/13/04 Dagestan Bamnatbekyurt 3 4 Three police officers were killed,
and four wounded by Muslim rebels in a village ambush.

2/13/04 Afghanistan Bala Buluk 4 0 Four Afghan aid employees, working to
rid the country-side of landmines are shot to death by Taliban extremists.

2/12/04 Algeria Toudja 7 3 Armed Islamic extremists ambush and kill
seven policemen. Three others are injured in the attack.

2/11/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 1 Two U.S. soldiers are killed in roadside bombing.

2/11/04 Iraq Baghdad 47 75 Fedayeen suicide bomber kills forty-seven
people waiting in line for jobs and injures nearly one-hundred.

2/11/04 Afghanistan Khost 1 0 Suicide Taliban attacker kills senior
Afghan intelligence official.

2/10/04 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 Buddhist official killed by Muslim gunmen.

2/10/04 Iraq Baghdad 4 0 Four police officers (two cousins and two
brothers) are killed in drive-by shootings as they travel to work.

2/10/04 Chechnya Oktyabrsky 3 0 Jihad fighters strip three Russian
soldiers of their weapons then shoot them to death.

2/10/04 Chechnya Grozny 6 0 Six security forces are killed by Jihadist
remote-controlled IED.

2/10/04 Algeria Jijel 4 0 Islamic extremists kill four patron of a
roadside café. Three are shot and one has his throat slit.

2/10/04 Iraq Iskandariyah 53 150 At least fifty-three people are killed
by a massive truck bomb outside a police station. Some one-hundred and
fifty others are injured.

2/8/04 Philippines Mangosatubig 2 1 Moro Islamic Front terrorists attack
a fishing village, killing two and injuring one.

2/8/04 Algeria Miliana 2 0 Two policemen are murdered at point blank
range by two fundamentalist youth who stopped their car on the pretext
of seeking information.

2/8/04 Iraq Sawaryah 3 11 Bombing attack on the offices of a deputy
police chief leaves three dead and eleven wounded.

2/7/04 Egypt Cairo 0 3 An Australian and two Norwegian tourists are
injured in a knife attack by a man "angered" at Israel.

2/6/04 Russia Moscow 40 134 Forty people are murdered by a female
Fedayeen suicide bomber as they were commuting to work on a Moscow
subway. About one-hundred and thirty-four are injured.

2/5/04 Algeria Tizi Ouzou 5 0 Five police are murdered by armed Islamic
extremists in the regional capital.

2/5/04 Chechnya Grozny 7 11 Seven servicemen and police officers are
killed in three separate incidents by Mujahideen rebels over a 24-hour

2/5/04 India Salar 4 7 Four Indian security forces are killed by a
landmine planted by Muslim rebels in Kashmir. Seven others are injured.

2/4/04 Thailand Yarang 1 0 Government employee is slashed to death in a
machete attack similar to the manner in which three Bhuddhist monks were
killed last month.

2/3/04 Russia Vladikavkaz 2 10 Two people, including a woman are killed,
and at least ten others injured by a car bomb near the Chechnyan border.

2/3/04 India Chewdara 3 0 Hizbul Mujahedin terrorists invade a home and
kill the couple inside, along with another family member.

2/2/04 India Srinigar 1 1 A police officer is gunned down outside a mosque.

2/1/04 Iraq Erbil 101 130 Two Ansar al-Islam suicide bombers dresses as
Muslim clerics kill more than one-hundred people and injure about
one-hundred and thirty in attacks on two buildings housing Kurdish
political officials.

2/1/04 Chechnyna Alleroi 5 0 Five security guards are killed when
grenade-wielding gunmen burst into a government building intent on a
political assassination.

2/1/04 Afghanistan Deh Rawood 8 5 An Afghan mayor and seven of his
family members, including three children are killed by a Taliban
roadside bomb attack. Five others are injured.

1/31/04 Iraq Kirkuk 3 0 Three U.S. soldiers are killed by a roadside
bomb while riding in their convoy.

1/31/04 Iraq Mosul 9 45 Nine people are killed and about forty-five
injured by a Fedayeen suicide car bombing outside a police station.

1/30/04 Saudi Arabia 7 1 Six security guards and a civilian are killed
by radical Islamists operatives while attempting to break up a terrorist

1/29/04 India Handwara 4 0 Muslim gunmen invade a home and shoot to
death a resident and a guest. Two women are killed in a similar manner
in Pulwama Rajouri.

1/29/04 Israel Jerusalem 11 50 Eleven people are murdered, and at least
fifty others injured by a Palestinian suicide bombing inside a passenger
bus. Al-Aksa martyrs bridage claims responsibility.

1/28/04 Afghanistan Kabul 1 4 One British Peacekeeper is killed by a
Fedayeen suicide bomber in a taxi. Four others are injured in the blast.

1/28/04 Iraq Baghdad 4 17 At least four people, including a South
African national are killed by a Fedayeen car bombing outside a hotel.
Some seventeen others are killed.

1/27/04 Algeria Tizi Ouzou 3 0 Islamic fundamentalists (Salafist Group
for Preaching and Combat) kill two soldiers and one security guard in an

1/27/04 Iraq Iskandariyah 3 3 Another roadside bombing in the Sunni
Triangle kills three U.S. soldiers traveling in a convoy and injures
three more.

1/27/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 1 Two CNN employees are killed in a shooting
attack as terrorists open up on the car in which they are riding.

1/27/04 Iraq Baghdad 5 4 Two Iraqi civilians and three U.S. soldiers are
killed by two roadside bombs set to go off in succession in the Sunni

1/27/04 Afghanistan Kabul 2 11 Taliban suicide bomber throws himself on
a patrol vehicle in downtown Kabul and kills one Canadian peacekeeper
and a civilian. Eleven others were injured.

1/27/04 Iraq Samarra 3 4 Three Iraqis killed, and four injured when
truck bomb explodes outside a courthouse.

1/26/04 Chechnya Sharoi 4 4 Jihad attack on a convoy leaves four
Russians dead and four injured.

1/26/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 2 IED device set on a busy highway explodes,
killing two civilians and injuring two others.

1/26/04 Iraq Al-Amiriyah 2 3 Two policemen are killed in a drive-by
Fedayeen shooting attack on a checkpoint. Two civilians and a third
policeman were injured.

1/25/04 Iraq Ramadi 4 0 Three policemen and a civilian are killed in a
terrorist attack on a highway checkpoint.

1/24/04 Iraq Samarra 4 36 Roadside bombing in the Sunni Triangle kills
four Iraqi civilians and injures another thirty-six people..

1/24/04 Iraq Khaldiyah 5 9 Car bombing kills three U.S. soldiers and
injures six others. Two other soldiers were killed in a separate bombing
west of Fallujah.

1/23/04 India Kashmir 4 0 Militant Muslims kill four people in Baramulla
and Bandipora, all suspected of being politically active.

1/22/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 1 Two members of the Communist party are killed
by a bomb in their office.

1/22/04 Thailand Narathiwat 2 1 Two Buddhist monks are hacked to death
while begging for food in a Muslim neighborhood. Another is seriously
injured in the machete attack.

1/21/04 Iraq Baqouba 2 4 Two U.S. soldiers are killed by a hit and run
mortar attack in the Sunni Triangle.

1/21/04 Iraq Fallujah 4 1 Four Christian Iraqi women, who were laundry
workers for the coalition, are attacked and killed while riding in a
minivan. The male driver was injured.

1/21/04 Iraq Fallujah 4 5 Sunni terrorists attack a police checkpoint
with grenades and automatic weapons. Three Iraqi policemen and a
civilian are killed, with another five injured.

1/19/04 Israel Lebanese Border 1 2 Israeli bulldozer hit with a
Hezbollah rocket attack. One soldier was killed and two injured.

1/18/04 Algeria Leghdira 1 2 Islamic fundamentalists kills a "repentant"
with a bomb that also injures two police officers.

1/18/04 Iraq Baghdad 23 61 At least twenty-three Iraqis are killed, and
more than sixty others injured by a Fedayeen suicide bomber who used day
laborers as a cover for gaining entrance to a secured zone. All eight
were among the dead.

1/17/04 Iraq Tikrit 5 2 Two Iraqis and three U.S. soldiers were killed
by a remote-controlled bomb planted in a culvert. Two others were injured.

1/16/04 India Srinigar 0 7 Hezb-ul-Mujahedeen car bombing injures seven
members of a security detail.

1/15/04 Pakistan Karachi 0 12 At least a dozen people are injured when a
car bomb explodes outside the local headquarters of the Christian Bible

1/14/04 Algeria Zaouia 1 1 A mother and daughter heading out to harvest
olives are hit by a bomb blast. The mother is killed and the daughter
seriously wounded.

1/14/04 Israel Gaza 4 10 Female suicide bomber kills herself and four
others at a checkpoint for Palestinians entering Israel to work. Ten
others are injured in the blast. The mother-of-two pretended to fall
over, then detonated her bomb against those rushing to help her.

1/14/04 Iraq Ba'qubah 2 12 At least two civilians are killed, and a
dozen other people, including children injured by a Fedayeen suicide car
bombing attack.

1/12/04 Afghanistan Kashrud 4 0 Four government soldiers are killed when
Taliban extremists attack their post with knives and assault rifles.

1/12/04 Bangladesh Mazar 3 36 Jamaat-e-Islami fundamentalists place bomb
at a shrine that kills three and injures thirty-six. Ten-year old boy
among the dead.

1/12/04 Iraq Baghdad 1 2 A U.S. soldier is killed, and two others
wounded by a roadside bombing attack in the heart of Baghdad.

1/12/04 India Anantnag 1 14 Grenade attack on a demonstration kills a
police officer and injures fourteen other people.

1/11/04 Chechnya Dyshne-Vedeno 1 1 Jihad attack on a security patrol
leaves one Russian serviceman dead and another injured.

1/10/04 India Lurgam 2 0 Man and his wife killed by Mujahideen
terrorists outside their home.

1/10/04 Indonesia Palopo 4 2 Four people are killed, and at least two
injured by a bomb blast at a karaoke café. Islamist terrorist attacks
killed nearly a dozen Christians there in November.

1/9/04 Afghanistan Helmand 0 0 Four Taliban terrorists are killed when
the bomb they are planting goes off prematurely.

1/9/04 India Jammu 0 20 At least twenty people are injured when a
militant hurls a grenade at two police officers. The blast carries into
a local shop.

1/9/04 Iraq Ba'qubah 4 36 Four Shiite worshippers are killed, and
thirty-six others injured by a car bombing at a mosque in a
predominately Sunni town.

1/8/04 Pakistan Adam 4 0 Rocket attack on a military base near the
Afghan border kills four Pakistani soldiers.

1/8/04 Iraq Fallujah 9 0 A medivac helicoptor, clearly marked with a red
cross, is downed by a missle in the Sunni Triangle, killing all nine
U.S. soldiers aboard.

1/7/04 Iraq Baghdad 1 30 Rocket attack by Sunni terrorists on a U.S.
logistical base leaves one soldier dead and about thirty wounded.

1/6/04 Iraq Fallujah 2 1 Two French civilians are gunned down by Sunni

1/6/04 Afghanistan Kandahar 15 15 Bicycle bombing by the Taliban (former
religious leaders) along a crowded street kills fifteen people and
injures more than fifteen. Eight children were among the dead.

1/5/04 Pakistan Khanewal 1 0 Christian priest shot dead by Islamic
terrorists as he was boarding a train.

1/5/04 Thailand Pattani 2 0 Two policemen are killed while trying to
defuse a bomb on a parked motorcycle.

1/5/04 Egypt Patmos Center 1 2 One Christian is killed, and two others
injured when elements of the Egyptian army burn down a church.

1/4/04 Philippines Parang 22 81 Twenty-two people at a political rally
for a Christian mayor in a predominately Muslim region are killed by a
bomb blast. More than eighty are injured. Two Muslims later identified
and charged..

1/4/04 Thailand Narathiwat 4 0 Muslim extremists raid a government
armory and then set fire to 18 secular schools in a rampage that leaves
at least four soldiers dead and an unknown number injured.

1/3/04 India Jammu 4 15 Four people are killed, and more than fifteen
injured when militant Muslims attack a railway station with grenades and
small-arms fire.

1/2/04 Iraq Baghdad 4 6 Three separate attacks by radicals leave four
U.S. soldiers dead and six injured.

1/1/04 India Srinigar 1 6 Islamic rebels detonate a bomb near a site
hosting a peace rally. One civilian is killed and six others injured.

1/1/04 India Rainawari 0 7 A terrorist is killed, and seven civilians
sustain injuries when a bomb being carried on a bicycle detonates

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