Paul Martin lied to Jewish audience

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Posted by Al Gordon on 09:59:11 2022/11/16

Paul Martin delivered a speech at the inaugural parliamentary dinner of the Canadian Council for Israel and Jewish Advocacy (CIJA) on November 1 (story below). I was present at the speech, and made notes of some of the highlights, most of which bore little resemblance to reality:

From the podium, Paul Martin thundered "We must respond to evey act of anti-Semitism! ... We must vigorously combat hate! ... THIS IS NOT OUR CANADA!!!"

Now let's look at reality in the past couple of months of how Paul Martin has acted against incidents of blatant anti-Semitism:

So those were Paul Martin's crimes of ommission against the Jewish community. What about his crimes of commission? If this man is a friend of Israel, I would hate to meet her enemies.


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