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Posted by on 13:42:53 2022/11/16

In Reply to: Paul Martin lied to Jewish audience posted by Al Gordon

How does the saying go - Lie to me one, it's my fault, lie to me twice...

Here is Paul Martin in the Jewish Tribune on June 24, 2022

Re: Anti-Semitism
Martin: "And I will speak out against every instance of that kind." ... "But I believe that we ve simply got to make it so clear how unacceptable it is to engage in anti-Semitism or any other form of racism in this country."

*** That is why Paul Martin and his government were silent a) re Barak at Concordia b) re Elmasry c) Sheik Kratardha (sic) and oh yes, didn't he appoint Yvon Charobonneau as our Ambassador to UNESCO. Not a statement! Not a press release! Not a condemnantion of these racists! Yet, he has the nerve to repeat the same comments in Ottawa two weeks ago and it was bought, hook, line and sinker!!!!

Re: Israel's right to self defense
Martin: I have stated publicly on many occasions that I do not believe there is any moral equivalence between defending one s country and terrorists who blow up innocent women and children.

*** you just keep funding them and hope no one notices (keep the wool over their eyes sonny boy)...

Re: Terrorism
Martin: I certainly think there should be huge effort to dissuade terrorism in Palestine and obviously anywhere, but certainly in Palestine. I continue to support the Road Map [peace plan] and I would really hope that while there are many bumps along the way, that one can bring that about. Do I think there should be a huge effort to dissuade Palestinians from terrorism? The answer is unequivocally yes.

*** So what 'huge effort' has Paul Martin exerted? Funding UNRWA, $10m per year, $242m to the PA since 1993, honouring Arafat...

re: Israel's security
Martin: "I think the security of Israel s borders is the pre-eminent concern."

*** So what does Martin do at the UN when this resolution comes up regarding the security fence - they abstained.

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