The New Illuminati

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Posted by Brian Lemon on 11:43:24 2005/03/10

I'm sure that when you Dan Brown and Robert Ludlum fans out in web land saw this headline, you suddenly spilled your morning coffee and focussed upon yours truly's little piece.

Well, I'm about to disappoint you.

The Illuminati, dear reader, is not who you think it is.
No, it's not a global zionist media conspiracy, it's not a cluster of catholic cardinals or monks, and it's most certainly not some unholy combine of Haliburton, Bechtel, Exxon and AT&T.
Its not the Masons, the Shriners or even the Rotarians.

The truth is far more dangerous than a few energy or engineering companies in consort with a Republican American administration to maximize their shareholders' net worth. Much more sinister, more invasive and much, much closer to home.

The Illuminati (control yourself, kind reader) are (take a deep breath) do-gooding 'Rights Maniacs'. Yes. Those friendly folks in your neighbourhood and thousands of other upper middle class places where those who want to control the world live. These protestors, liberal voters, anti-smokers and supporters of grooms marrying grooms. Those solemn jurists in their black gowns with crisp white collars who make up laws as they go along with the end goal to equalize everyone. Those politicians to whom every cause is a priority and who promote a world where no one should ever go wanting for anything. The Multiculturalism Hucksters. The Rights Advocates. The Equality-for-All Gang. The new elite who knows what's best for everybody, never having asked everybody what they want.

They storm the bastions of tradition to champion the mistaken belief that all have an inherent right to be equal. Tall / short, handsome / homely, rich / poor, smart / dumb as a barrel of nails.

It seems pretty obvious to me that no two people are equal, much less all the residents of an entire nation. Yet, there are gangs of diverse souls who rely on the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to defend and protect the principle of "equality". Whatever that means.

They want to protect "Rights" (whatever those are), even though there are really very, very few of these. Just as driving a car is a privilege, I suspect that most of those things that do-gooders like to refer to as equality rights are indeed privileges or, perhaps rather, conventions. Or just things that some people do, but that others have not traditionally done.

Marriage is one of these. It's no more than a word that defines a specific partnership convention that has had a singular definition for a couple of thousand years. Not a right by a long shot. But in coupling relationships of any gender combination, there ARE associated rights: legal treatment relative to inheritance, pensions, wealth distribution and medical benefits. These are rights, but needn't (and shouldn't) be associated with the convention of marriage. People of all sexual preferences can (and sometimes do) bond for life. The financial responsibilities of these relationships are rights. Period. As far as same sex couples wishing to be recognized and accepted by members of society for their relationships no legislation, chartered or otherwise, can enforce this. I do, but not because of the Charter.

Illuminati, I think, start with the flawed assumption that the rights of the members of a society are sourced from its morality. Combine this with how people commonly confuse morality for philosophy and algebraically you end up with: Equality = Philosophy = Morality = Rights. Quod Erat Demonstratum. Or not. I say not. How we treat each other is based on morality. Rights are (or should be) the result of majority consensus as determined by legislators.

In the case of Gender Same Marriage, and several other areas, the Illuminati ignore the traditional democratic rule of law as determined by debate and majority vote in legislatures in favour of a decision in the courts by a small number of (as few as one) appointed judge(s). Provincial courts if necessary, Supreme if possible.

It's not that this new group of illuminated souls are not kind spirited. They're even likeable in most cases, and fairly decent to spend time with over a beer at a barbeque. And I even respect their goals. But I remember Trudeau's reason for creating a Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and it was not to create a new level of goverance superior to that of Parliament. The Illuminati has just made it that way, and they own it.

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