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If you are disappointed or frustrated by our government's failure to defend our democratic allies and democratic movements, and our appeasement of tyrants and terrorists, please join today. The bigger we are, the more the government has to listen.


Many Canadians are troubled by our government’s foreign policy. Canada’s democratic way of life and multicultural society are models for the world and the basis of our moral authority. Despite this, our foreign policy consistently fails to support sister democracies who share our values, including India, Taiwan, the United States, Israel, and others who are under attack on the front lines of tyranny and global terrorism. As well as nations, our government fails to support democratic movements such as the democratic opposition in Iran, Christians in Lebanon, Copts and Baha'i in Egypt, Assyrians throughout the Muslim world, Christians and Animists in the Sudan, and Hindus in Kashmir.


At CCD, we believe that our foreign policy should reflect our respect for life and liberty. If we want peace, we must support beleaguered allies who share our Canadian values. Instead, many in our government have made it their career to condemn and criticize the United States and Israel, while being apologists for terrorists who celebrate the killing and maiming of men, women, and children. We have failed to clearly and unequivocally tell those who seek a better life in Canada that they are welcome, but only if they check their hatreds at the border. The validation that our government has given to tyrants and terrorists and their apologists has made it easier for them to deny freedom and spill the blood of innocents around the world. Increasingly, that innocent blood is on Canadian hands.


CCD will work to assure that our natural democratic allies - both nations and peoples - are supported and that their enemies receive neither encouragement nor aid from Canada.

We need your membership...

Today, we have representation from many communities -- including Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, Coptic Christian, Lebanese Christian, Taiwanese, Assyrian, and American.

We have learned through this process how important membership is. Almost every politician we have contacted has told us that our ability to influence the political process in Canada will grow as we add members to affiliate program.

CCD has already made a difference through our wide and diverse membership.  Thousands of Canadian voices - even whispering - can be heard by politicians. With your help we can build a strong and  determined voice for democracy.

We are able to deliver our message only because of the support we receive from people such as you who know how important it is to let the public know the facts. Your donations are cherished even more as the government doesn't give you anything back for helping us: Donations to us are not tax deductible, nor are they treated as credits under the Canada Elections Act.

Won't you consider a gift of $10, $18, $25, $36, $50, $100, $500 or  even $1000 --  whatever you can afford. Please join today.