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Who we are...


With the exception of one professional, the management and board of CCD are all volunteers who contribute their time, talent, and money to advancing our shared goal of a Canadian foreign policy that supports our democratic allies and democratic values around the world.

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Executive Director

Naresh Raghubeer

Executive Committee



Alastair Gordon

  Senior Vice President

Rochelle Wilner


Marnie Silver

Board of Directors



Leith R.A. Coghlin

  Joseph Shier
  Joan O’Callaghan
  Tamar Royt
  Georganne Burke
  Michael Diamond
  Salim Mansur
  Geoffrey Clarfield
  Michael Mostyn

Robert Daniel


Peter Davis


Risa Sokoloff

  Toni Silberman

Mark S. Anshan


Irving Weisdorf


Francois Hachem

  Columbus Leo
  Harry Chen
  Mahar Mitzkalla

Michael McQuaid


Harry Klaczkowski


Manoj Pundit


Ajit Someshwar

  Tui Menning

Sandy Stern