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CCD in the Media

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Below are links to selected CCD media items, including press releases, opinion-editorials (op-eds), stories, TV interviews, radio interviews, letters to the editor, speeches, and events. Not all media items are online, particularly TV and radio appearances by CCD representatives. The latest is at the top of the list.

2005/11/18 CCD Opinion Prime Minister Paul Martin is no friend of Israel
CHQR Radio Rob Breakenridge of The World Tonight spoke with Salim Mansur on Jordanian bombings, attacks on GWB & Islamic riots in France. Audio
2005/11/05 Toronto Sun There was no surprise in Iran's threats other than the surprise of some Western leadersSalim Mansur, Senior Fellow, CCD
2005/11/01 CCD Testimony CCD's Testimony before the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs
2005/10/26 Press Release Will Paul Martin act against Iran's threat to annihilate Israel?
2005/10/26 National Post Canada's Syrian connectionFrancois Hachem, CCD Director
2005/10/25 Press Release UN names Assad accessory to murder. Will Canada's support for Syrian dictator change?
2005/10/25 National Post Nuclear weapons over survival: Pakistan's heavy handSalim Mansur, CCD Senior Fellow
2005/10/25 National Post Even earthquakes won't stop Islamist savagery: Forcing Hindus into ExileGeoffrey Clarfield
2005/10/20 National Post Profile of Irshad Manji: A Beautiful MindSalim Mansur, Senior Fellow, CCD
2005/10/15 Toronto Sun Islam's worst enemiesSalim Mansur, Senior Fellow, CCD
2005/10/09 Global TV Global National News interviews Stockwell Day and CCD's Alastair Gordon regarding legal status of Tamil Tigers in Canada in wake of EU condmenation. Video
2005/10/06 National Post Bali: Terrorizing the Tolerant
2005/10/06 CCD Speech Alastair Gordon was invited to make a speech at the celebration of National Day for the Republic of China on Taiwan. About 1000 people were in attendance.
2005/10/01 Toronto Sun More 'useful idiots'Salim Mansur, Senior Fellow, CCD
2005/09/29 Press Release Tamil Tigers banned from EU, courted in Canada by Liberal party
2005/09/24 Toronto Sun Paul Martin out of touch at UNSalim Mansur, Senior Fellow, CCD
2005/09/22 Jewish Tribune PA breaks promises, gets more money from PM
2005/09/17 Toronto Sun Annan's done (little) enoughSalim Mansur, Senior Fellow, CCD
2005/09/17 Press Release After 1/3 billion tax dollars, Canada must stop funding Palestinian terrorism. Read PLO Charter.
2005/09/10 Business Report Is Canada Next?Paul Tuns looks at the Islamist threat facing Canada and how Paul Martin's government appears to value the Muslim vote more than the lives of Canadians.
2005/09/10 Toronto Sun Left-wing venom exceeds Katrina's furySalim Mansur, Senior Fellow, CCD
2005/09/04 Jerusalem Post Why is Israel betraying India?Manoj Pundit, Naresh Raghubeer, Ajit Someshwar
2005/09/04 Toronto Sun The women of Iraq - Democracy's best weaponSalim Mansur, Senior Fellow, CCD
2005/08/30 Toronto Sun Iraqi constitution shows progressSalim Mansur, Senior Fellow, CCD
2005/08/29 American Daily History ForgottenMordecai Bobrowsky compares the forging of the Iraqi and US constitutions
2005/08/26 Press Release Canada should join coalition to build democracy in Iraq
2005/08/24 National Post Osama's Godfathers - The origins of Islamist terror and the only way to defeat itSalim Mansur, Senior Fellow, CCD
2005/08/15 National Post Tamil Tigers: Are 60,000 dead not enough to qualify a group as a terrorist organization in Canada?
2005/08/15 National Post Funeral today for Sri Lankan Foreign MinisterStewart Bell. CCD quoted in story.
2005/08/13 Global TV Global National News interviews CCD's Alastair Gordon regarding legal status of Tamil Tigers in Canada. Video
2005/08/13 Press Release How many more deaths before Tamil terrorists outlawed in Canada?
2005/08/13 National Post Assassinated leader feared Canadian Tamils and Canadian FundingStewart Bell. CCD quoted in story.
2005/08/08 Global CHTV CCD's Naresh Raghubeer and Risk Analysis Expert, Derek Humble, are interviewed on Global CHTV. Topic: Are Canada's security measures real or politically-correct window dressing? Video
2005/08/07 Daniel Pipes CCD's Rochelle Wilner, Tony Blair, Jack Straw, Donald Rumsfeld, George Bush and Condoleezza Rice are quoted by Daniel Pipes in Calling Islamism the Enemy.
2005/07/31 Jerusalem Post Following statements made by Canadian Justice Minister, the Hon. Irwin Cotler, in Israel, CCD's Joan O'Callaghan suggests that Canada will not be an honest broker in any Israeli/Palestinian peace process..
2005/07/29 CTV Naresh Raghubeer is interviewed on CTV on Paul Martin's meeting with Muslim imams.
Story Video Press Release
CHQR Radio Rob Breakenridge of The World Tonight spoke with Alastair Gordon on the Liberal response to the Islamist threat.
Audio Press Release
570 News Gary Doyle of 570 News spoke today with Alastair Gordon regarding Paul Martin's announced meeting with Muslim leaders and the importance of distinguishing between Muslim friend and Islamist foe 
Audio Press Release
2005/07/28 Press Release Distinguishing between Muslim Friend and Islamist Foe
2005/07/26 Press Release As usual, Martin dithers on protecting Canadians from terrorist threat
2005/07/24 National Post African corruption: the British connection
2005/07/08 National Post The National Post needs a Lesson in Indian History
2005/06/20 National Post Hamas threat to eradicate Israel not misinterpreted
CHQR Radio In Calgary, Rob Breakenridge of The World Tonight spoke with Alastair Gordon. Will Paul Martin honour his $50-million commitment to the Palestinian Authority now that the PA has reneged on it's commitment to disarm terrorists and end incitement? Listen to the audio...
2005/06/14 National Post India deserves a seat at the Security Council
2005/06/13 Press Release Abbas lied to Martin. Does he still get our money?
2005/05/30 National Post Palestinian values, not poverty, are the cause of terror. Martin rewards terror with more Canadaian tax dollars.
2005/05/30 Western Standard Liberals - Puppets of Beijing. Kevin Steel analyzes Paul Martin's financial connections to China, all of which are served by Canada's foreign policy.
2005/05/28 Toronto Star CCD responds to warning from Mubin Shaikh not to provoke the Muslim community by publishing Irshad Manji
2005/05/12 Epoch Times Paul Martin's foreign policy sacrifices lives and democracy for domestic votes. Michael Mostyn analyzes the cost paid by others for the Liberals' desperate cling to power.
2005/04/28 National Post Will Canada support Lebanese democracy?
CHQR Radio In Calgary, Rob Breakenridge of The World Tonight spoke with Alastair Gordon regarding the pullout of Syrian troops from Lebanon, Canada's support for elections in Lebanon, and Canada's bizarre China policy.  Listen to the audio...
2005/04/22 Press Release Was Canada's foreign policy influenced by Saddam-Martin financial connection?
2005/04/19 Press Release Foreign policy statement vague; judge Liberals by their actions - A list of foreign policy initiatives by Paul Martin's government
2005/04/17 Jerusalem Post Western media accept control by Palestinian fixers, pretend Middle East reporting is objective
2005/04/04 National Post Greet the hydrogen economy. End addiction to Middle East oil.
2005/03/31 National Post Kofi must go
2005/03/31 Canadian Jewish News Paul Martin's foreign policy, both political and administrative, will destroy Israel.
CHQR  Radio  

In Calgary, Rob Breakenridge of The World Tonight spoke with CCD regarding Daniel Pipes, Kofi Annan, the UN Oil-for-Food Scandal, and Canada's never-explained foreign policy on China and Taiwan. Listen to the audio...

2005/03/29 Press Release It's time for Kofi Annan to go: CCD
2005/03/24 Press Release Conservatives and Liberals must focus on real threats to Middle East peace
2005/03/17 Press Release CCD demands that Paul Martin call a public inquiry into the Air India case
2005/03/15 Press Release Whose interests are served by Paul Martin's China policy?
CHQR  Radio  

In Calgary, Rob Breakenridge of The World Tonight spoke with Francois Hachem of CCD on events in Lebanon. Listen to the audio...

2005/03/11 National Post Canada's contempt for Israel: If you're born in Jerusalem, you weren't born in Israel
2005/03/11 CCD Speech CCD speech and pictures at the Rally for Taiwan at Queens Park and the Chinese Consulate, Toronto
2005/03/10 CCD Speech

CCD speech for The Lebanese Kataed Abroad-Canada, a member of the Canadian Lebanese Human Rights Federation

2005/03/10 National Post Feds' Tiger tales don't add up - Pettigrew's claims undermined by Sri Lanka and US State Department
2005/03/09 Press Release Canada must withdraw its support of 'One China' policy if China passes Anti-Secession Law: CCD
2005/02/28 Press Release Statement on Resignation of Syrian Backed Government in Lebanon


National Post Why Canada is sidelined on the world stage
CJOB Radio   Kacey Wilson of CJOB radio in Winnipeg spoke with CCD on Paul Martin's visit to China and Canada's foreign policy toward China and Taiwan. Listen to the audio...
2005/02/17 Press Release End foreign aid to China in next week's budget: CCD
2005/02/17 National Post

Canada's "made-elsewhere" foreign policy

600AM Radio  

Rafe Mair of the Rafe Mair Show on Vancouver 600AM talk radio spoke with CCD on Pierre Pettigrew's visit to the Middle East. Listen to the audio...

2005/02/15 Press Release CCD Calls on Paul Martin to take real action against Syrian occupation
2005/02/14 Press Release Assassination of Hariri an attack on democracy in Lebanon: CCD
2005/02/11 Press Release Pettigrew dishonours Canadians and terror victims by laying wreath on Arafat's grave: CCD
CHQR  Radio  

In Calgary, Rob Breakenridge of The World Tonight spoke with CCD regarding Pierre Pettigrew's visit to the Middle East. Listen to the audio...

2005/02/09 Press Release Minister Pettigrew must call on Syria to end illegal occupation of Lebanon and support for terror
2005/01/27 Press Release The Honourable Irwin Cotler: There has to be an explanation (for defending your party's support of Tamil terrorism)


National Post

On Sharansky: "Finding the moral clarity to see evil"


National Post

Irwin Cotler's fall from grace over support for Tamil terrorists

Israel Public Radio

Tovia Singer interviewed CCD on Israel Public Radio about Israeli Apartheid Week hosted by University of Toronto. Listen to the audio...

CHQR  Radio

In Calgary, Rob Breakenridge of The World Tonight spoke with CCD on Paul Martin's upcoming visit to China and Israeli Apartheid Week hosted by the University of Toronto. Listen to the audio...

2005/01/19 Press Release Should the University of Toronto host "Israeli Apartheid Week"?
2005/01/16 Press Release CCD Calls on Government of Canada to Condemn Recent Palestinian Terror Attack
CBC Radio Rex Murphy on CBC Cross-Country Check-Up spoke with CCD on Canada's role in the Tsunami relief effort. Listen to the audio...


National Post

Neil Macdonald's anti-Israel bias on CBC


National Post

Memo to Martin: Stand up to China

2004/12/16 Press Release Prime Minister Paul Martin Must Honour Universal Declaration of Human Rights When He Visits Libya and China: CCD
CHQR Radio

Dave Rutherford on CHQR in Calgary spoke with CCD on the scandal surrounding Citizenship and Immigration Minister, Judy Sgro. Listen to the audio...

2004/12/14 Press Release CCD Calls for Judy Sgro's Resignation
2004/12/14 National Post

Helping democracy in Ukraine, killing it in Taiwan

2004/12/13 National Post

Immigration unfairness to Lebanese

2004/12/13 National Post

Don't deport ex-SLA members back to Lebanon

2004/12/08 Jerusalem Post

Just vote NO on all anti-Israel UN resolutions!

2004/12/06 National Post

Canada's phony shift on anti-Israel UN resolutions

2004/12/03 National Post Canada's anti-Israel voting record at the UN
2004/12/01 Press Release CCD applauds Allan Rock for ethical stand at UN General Assembly
2004/11/25 Press Release CCD applauds Anne McLellan for refusal to recognize Ukrainian election
2004/11/23 Jerusalem Post

O Canada - how could you?

2004/11/18 Press Release CCD congratulates Paul Martin's decision to fire Carolyn Parrish
2004/11/17 Press Release Reuters video shows armed terrorists escaping in UN ambulance- Paid for by Canada?
2004/11/15 Press Release New Report Links UNRWA to Hamas Terrorism - CCD Calls on Paul Martin to stop funding UNRWA
2004/11/12 National Post Pro-democracy group, CCD, chides Martin for statement of sympathy on  death of Arafat
2004/11/11 Press Release CCD condemns Paul Martin's decision to honour Arafat
2004/11/11 Press Release Arafat's Death offers hope for a change in Canada's Middle East policy: CCD
2004/11/07 Toronto Sun People who live in glass houses...
2004/11/05 Press Release CCD applauds Minister Pettigrew for Iran resolution at UN
2004/11/03 Press Release Bush’s Re-Election offers Hope for Canada and Democracies around the world: CCD
2004/11/02 National Post UNRWA chief in Gaza responds to CCD criticism
2004/10/29 National Post Canada bankrolls terrorism by funding UNRWA
2004/10/29 Global TV

CCD on Global TV re Mohammed Elmasry (video)

2004/10/28 National Post

Islamic Congress refuses Elmasry's resignation

2004/10/28 National Post

India deserves a permanent seat at the UN Security Council

2004/10/27 Press Release CCD reiterates call for charges for incitement by Elmasry and Kathrada to kill Israelis
2004/10/27 Press Release Why is Canada bankrolling terrorism through UNRWA?
2004/10/22 Press Release CCD calls for charges for incitement to kill Israelis
2004/10/08 National Post

Banning Barak at Concordia - Another Israeli silenced

2004/10/08 Press Release Federal Government Must Act to Confront Racists at Concordia
2004/10/04 National Post

Getting off Mideast oil

2004/10/04 Hill Times

Abstention is not a foreign policy

2004/09/22 National Post

The speech Paul Martin SHOULD give at the UN

2004/09/07 Toronto Sun Politically-correct Pablum from Martin and Pettigrew
2004/08/31 Press Release Prime Minister Paul Martin Must Strongly Condemn Palestinian Terrorism and End Funding to the PLO
2004/08/06 National Post

AdBusters' anti-semitism

AdBuster's Jewish conspiracy rant

Author's justification

2004/07/22 Toronto Star Israel's security fence good for both sides
2004/07/20 National Post

Al-Jazeera - Free speech vs Hate speech

2004/07/15 National Post

Two sides to Israel's wall

2004/07/17 National Post

Foreign Minister Bill Graham must go!

2004/07/09 Press Release Canada Must Condemn ICJ Denial of Israel's Sovereignty
CHQR Radio

Rob Breakenridge of The World Tonight spoke with CCD regarding the Rogue's Gallery of federal MPs and candidates. Listen to the audio...

2004/06/23 National Post

By their words, know these seven MPs

Rogue's Gallery with Rap Sheets

2004/06/01 CCD Event

Stockwell Day honoured by CCD for ethical foreign policy

2004/05/15 National Post

Mary Robinson goes to McGill

2004/04/01 Town Crier

Hatred at any level should not be tolerated

2004/03/24 National Post

Sanctimonious judgments by Protestant clergy won't solve Mideast despair

2004/03/23 National Post

Yassin's legacy

2004/03/11 National Post

History repeats itself, with Canada's help

The long version...

2003/11/13 Liberal

News and photos from a reception hosted by the CCD at the Liberal Party of Canada National Convention in Toronto.