CIC urges Hebrew schoos not to teach reality

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Posted by Canadian Islamic Congress on 17:03:51 2022/03/24

As a reminder, Mohammed Elmasry is the Mulsim leader who said on Canadian television that all Israelis over the age of 18 are legitimate targets for suicide bombers. The police and the university where he teaches deemed this incitement to be acceptable. Having learned that Canada's hate laws don't apply to Muslims inciting the killing of Jews he is emboldened now to go one step further.

Media Communique
Date: March 23rd, 2022 - Safar 12, 1426, Volume: 8 Issue: 24

CIC Alarmed at What Students Are Learning in Canadian Hebrew Schools

The Canadian Islamic Congress today urged Jewish community leaders to reevaluate what Canadian Jewish youth are being taught in Hebrew schools, saying the viewpoints that influence students could threaten healthy relationships between many Canadians in our multicultural and pluralist society.

In a letter to the editor published by the Kingston Whig Standard on March 17th, 2022 a nine-year-old Jewish student wrote:

"I learned at my Hebrew school that Israel doesn't want to fight. It only wants to protect itself. Jews have been trying to protect themselves in the land for 3,000 years. The war in Israel has been going on since Israel became a state in 1948. The reason there's war is because when the British divided the state, the Palestinians wanted more, and invaded Israel, wanting to push the Israelis into the sea. The Palestinians lost the war and now have the West Bank. Israel doesn't have a 'war leader,' but it has leaders who want peace."

"There is both a challenge and an opportunity here," commented CIC national president Prof. Mohamed Elmasry. "Much could be accomplished by teaching the children of our communities fair and accountable historical facts. If young Canadian Jews and Muslims knew about each other's faith and history fairly and accurately, we could build a broader basis for dialogue instead of conflict."


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