Re: Our Democratic Right to Do Nothing But Complain

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Posted by Keith Sachs on 16:21:14 2022/04/16

In Reply to: Our Democratic Right to Do Nothing But Complain posted by Bill Narvey

Hell of a good question Bill. How far can Canadians be pushed, cheated, lied to, have their futures sold to the internationalist cabal, made to bow before tyrants and the U.N., have their intelligence insulted, bankrupted with boondoggles like Kyoto and the gun registry, and everything else we have come to expect from Liberals? What is the boiling point? Do we storm the castle? A good start would be to throw the scum out at the next election and make sure the Conservatives understand that we, and I include C.C.D., are watching them as closely as we watched the Liberals. For at least two terms I think the Conservatives would remain ethical and true to democratic values, but don't fold the C.C.D. tent quite yet.

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