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Posted by Gini MacNaughton on 11:29:37 2005/04/20

In Reply to: Re: Foreign policy statement vague; judge Liberals by their actions posted by Keith Sachs

I went to your website when your mailing was forwarded to me and I am glad I have an opportunity to respond. I have read historic accounts of the period before world war two and am shocked that politicians could not see what was coming and how they were playing a role in the awful tragedy that followed. Some were ignorant; some sacrified the Jews and Czechs for their own political gain.
When history is written for this period I hope the historian has this list of Liberal foreign policy treachery. He or she will write about how the Liberals enabled the barbarians to nearly win even more than their counterparts did before world war two. I do not think any historic political leader no matter how despised he is now had as many treacherous acts to his name in a brief 18 months as Paul Martin. We must get rid of this man and this party or history will judge Canadians to be as ignorant as our politicians were corrupt.
Thanks to C.C.D. for this insight and for not being afraid to speak out.

ps, I sent an email to the contact address on your website. I hope that will get me on your mailing list so I receive your alerts directly. I would prefer not to put my email address on a public web board.

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