Re: Do 87% of Canadian mosques support terrorism?

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Posted by Al Gordon on 11:50:56 2005/07/25

In Reply to: Re: Canadian Muslims' moment of truth posted by John Turley-Ewart

Still, the fact that Aly Hindy, the imam for the reputedly Wahhabist Salaheddin Islamic Centre in Scarborough, could not bring himself to sign the statement [condemning terrorism], is worrying.

In light of this imam's refusal to condemn terrorism and his willingness to publicly threaten Canadians, I am posting the message below again to ask if there is any truth to these assertions. They make sense numerically, but I may not be seeing other factors that would lead to different conclusions.

In other words, is it fair to say that "87% of Canadian mosques are NOT condemning the London terrorist attacks"? Even if that number were 10%, I would say we have a deadly problem in this country.

600,000 Number of Muslims in Canada (from CAIR-CAN)
40% Percentage of Muslims with no mosque affiliation
360,000 Number of Muslims in Canada with mosque affiliation
400 Average number of affiliated Muslims per Canadian mosque
900 Number of mosques in Canada
120 Number of Canadian mosques condemning London terrorist attacks
13% Percentage of Canadian mosques condemning London terrorist attacks
87% Percentage of Canadian mosques NOT condemning London terrorist attacks

Please tear apart this calculation, because I would like to believe it isn't true.

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