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Posted by Martinite on 23:42:15 2005/07/26

In Reply to: Martin dithers on protecting Canadians from terrorist threat posted by CCD Press Release

Why does Martin dither? Why is the slaughter of Canadians not a concern to Paul Martin?


(2) Muslim Vote Helps Save Canada from Conservative Government: More than 80% of Eligible Canadian Muslims Voted -- with Liberals the Overwhelming Favourite

The April research project also noted for the first time more than 100 ridings where Muslims hold a significant "swing vote" of between 1.8% and 13.5%.

(3) Bloc Voting

The Arab and Muslim communities could determine the outcome in a close election if they vote strategically and as a group.

See important comments from Western Standard magazine blog at:

Exit polls are illegal in Canada

Dr. Mohamed Elsmary (the Ubiquitous) is listed as one of three contacts in a press release that commenter "mazz" points us to, here, that describes the results of an exit poll the Canadian Islamic Congress conducted by questionnaire on the 2004 Canadian General Election:

An early exit poll conducted by the Canadian Islamic Congress shows that more than 80% of eligible Canadian Muslim voters cast their ballots in yesterday's federal election, which resulted in a minority Liberal government for PM Paul Martin.

The actual percentage of those who voted and filled out the exit poll questionnaires was 89%. However, since fewer non-voters participated in the on-line poll, the results of the 1353-member sample were adjusted down to indicate "over 80%" as having voted.

Among those who voted and participated in the CIC poll, the breakdown so far is as follows: 71% for the Liberals, 23% for the NDP, 3% for the Bloc Quebecois, and the remaining 3% spread among the Conservatives, the Green Party, and Independent candidates.

But subsection 281(a) of the Canada Elections Act, here, prohibits exit polls as follows:

281. No person shall, inside or outside Canada,

(a) wilfully disclose information as to how a ballot or special ballot has been marked by an elector;

Um, exit polls are illegal for Canadian federal elections . . .

(4) Muslims Urged to Vote Liberal

(5) Canadian Islamic Congress Says Conservative Party's Anti-social Justice Stance and Militant Foreign Policy Threaten Canadian Character and Values

(6) Grading Federal MPs -- 2000 2004

Dr. Mohamed Elmasry is the Chair & National President of the Canadian Islmamic Congress who got himself in a controversy in October last year during an interview when he said any Israeli, male or female over the age of 18 is a valid target. see the excerpts below from the interview at:.

See the transcript Of Dr. Mohamed Elmasry's remarks on Michel Coren Show at:

and note the extract below.

ELMASRY: ... and totally innocent people, obviously, is the children. But they are not innocent if they are part of a population which is total population of Israel is part of the army... From 18 on, they are part of the soldiers, even if they have civilian clothes.

COREN: So if Israeli children are killed, that is a valid use of military force by Palestinians?

ELMASRY: No, they are not valid...

COREN: So what are you saying?

ELMASRY: I'm saying that it has to be totally innocent, OK? Totally innocent are the children, obviously, OK? But they are not innocent if the army [inaudible] in civilian clothes, OK?

COREN: What about women?

ELMASRY: The same, if they are women in the army...

COREN: Anyone over the age of 18 in Israel is a valid target.

ELMASRY: Anybody above 18 is a part of the Israeli army...

COREN: So everyone in Israel and anyone and everyone in Israel, irrespective of gender, over the age of 18 is a valid target?

ELMASRY: Yes, I would say.


COREN: We're back on the Michael Coren Show. I want to push you a bit on this, Dr. Elmasry, because you speak about the French resistance. Now the French resistance to the Nazis, first of all you have... the Nazi army occupies your country. It rounds up communists, Jews, gay men, any gypsies who are present, members of the Catholic clergy, some Protestant leaders. It takes them off to gas them. It takes away the entire elite of your nation. The French resistance forms; it does what it can. It... armed resistance against German soldiers - very few German civilians in occupied France anyway. It assassinates SS leaders. It does assassinate major collaborators who were helping the roundup of victims and so on. You're saying that that is the same as Palestinian military campaign - and some of it, I think, is understandable and valid - but you're saying it is the same as the Palestinian campaign. For example, a suicide bomber gets onto a bus and sees that there are people there - no one's in uniform - and just blows herself up and kills everybody. They're morally...

ELMASRY: But Michael, really, the definition of terrorism is really a means to an end, which is actually ending terrorism, either by a group or an individual or a state...

COREN: It sounds like sophistry to me, actually.

ELMASRY: No, no, it's true; it's true. I mean I would like to wake up one day and there is no terror either by state...

COREN: You mean you'd like to win?

ELMASRY: No, I would like actually for the conflict to stop, for the aggressor to stop the aggression, OK? So does this mean that, for example, when you look at any conflict, there is an aggressor and their victims...

COREN: Not as simplistic as that, I think.

ELMASRY: It is actually... if you look at the Chechenyan against the Russian, I know the history; I know the history of Iraqi... American occupation of Iraq. You don't have to have a Ph.D. in political science to identify that in the Israeli West Bank, occupied West Bank and Gaza, the Israelis, for the 37 years, are the occupying power. So the resistance is the same as the French resistance. Use low-tech. You don't have helicopter phantoms, and they do whatever they want. They make mistakes; they make mistakes, yes, and we have to condemn it.

COREN: I've got to tell you I think you've just dug a very large hole for yourself there. I am not unsympathetic, and I do believe that Israelis use way too much force and I believe that Palestinians are blanketed with the term "terrorist," which is very unfair, but what you've said there, I believe, is very dangerous talk. There's a massive difference.

IRFAN SYED (LAWYER): I wouldn't be so definitive as saying that everybody over 18 is a legitimate target. I mean obviously that goes too far. I mean even according to our faith belief, you have to distinguish between combatants and non-combatants. That includes women, children, the elderly and all that.

ELMASRY: Everybody above 18 is a combatant.

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