Who are today's anti-Semites?

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Posted by Al Gordon on 10:00:49 2004/04/09

In the black hole of Jew hatred can be found some, but not all, anti-war activists, Communists, socialists, conservatives, liberals, anti-Americans, gays and lesbians, environmentalists, anti-globalizationists, Muslims (Shiite and Sunni), Christians, Hindus, non-governmental organizations, the United Nations, and a few self-hating Jews. They all need a handy scapegoat for real and imagined ills and the Jews serve this purpose.

In the story below, the Toronto Star identifies the groups from which today's anti-Semites are likely to emerge. While I agree with the writer regarding the groups identified, I would put a finer point on "Christians". Certainly the mainstream churches have been consistently anti-Israel, today's politically correct form of the same old hatred, but the Evangelical Christians have consistently shown a moral compass when it comes to Israel. I am not a member of that group, or of any Christian group, but I would not like to tar the Evangelicals with the same brush as the liberal United or Anglican churches (see Sanctimonious judgments won't solve Mideast despair and the linked letter from Canada's church leaders).


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