Re: Pettigrew turns up the heat on Hezbollah

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Posted by Joan O'C on 13:49:55 2005/02/13

In Reply to: Re: Pettigrew turns up the heat on Hezbollah posted by Al Gordon

Bravo, Al! I was about to post a similar response.

Laying a wreath at the hole in the ground of the arch-terrorist immediately after doing the same thing at Yad Vashem smacks of the Canadian disease of moral equivalency. It dishonours the survivors of the Holocaust, debases the memory of the victims, and legitimizes terrorism.

It also paints Canada as the ultimate wimp (except maybe France) among nations. It shows how desperate Paul Martin is to get a seat at any peace negotiations - Canada will whore itself to anyone if it thinks it can gain some sort of political capital in return.

Far better to follow the example of Condy Rice who ignored Arafat's rock pile, or even the British FM Jack Straw who bestowed merely a curt nod at it in passing. None of this sanctimonious laying a wreath crap.

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