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Posted by Al Gordon on 15:52:14 2005/02/15

In Reply to: Re: Alistaire Gordon on Rafe Mair Show, Vancouver posted by Joan O'C

All of you got my name wrong. It's Alastair Gordon. Now you know why I use 'Al'.

So G. Keenan decries "the interests of the Bush administration and Israel, both of which are mired in nineteenth century colonialist violence." So if America is so terrible, why do more people want to live there than any other country? Why do millions of Muslims want to live in the US and virtually no Americans want to move to Muslim countries? How many Israeli Jews, or Arabs for that matter, have any interest in moving to one of their neghbouring Muslim nations? I guess all that will change once they have the benefit of G. Keenan's cogent arguments.

Anyway, you can all listen to my rabid propoganda by clicking on the link below.

Incidentally, within 5 minutes of the show being over, new online memberships arrived from BC with very positive comments. I guess they likewise didn't have the benefit of G. Keenan's brilliantly argued thesis.


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