Re: Alistaire Gordon on Rafe Mair Show, Vancouver

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Posted by Joan O'C on 14:13:20 2005/02/15

In Reply to: Alistaire Gordon on Rafe Mair Show, Vancouver posted by G. Keenan

Mr./Ms Keenan: Let me be equally frank.
Given the FACT that Arafat was second only to Hitler in the number of innocent Jewish people for whose deaths he was responsible, and given that like Hitler he wanted a Middle East that was "Judenrein" free of Jews, in congratulating Pettigrew on visiting Arafat's grave, you have revealed yourself not as the wise pundit on the Middle East as you would have use believe, but as morally bankrupt, an antisemite cloaking your prejudices in leftwing rectitude.

You congratulate Pettigrew on reaching out to the Arabs. And which Arabs would those be? Not the Lebanese-Christians (and many Lebanese-Muslims)who have suffered horribly under the Syrian occupation; and not the Egyptian Copts who are considered Dhimmis in their own land; not the Israeli Arabs, who while they sympathize with their brethren in the west bank and gaza, have made it clear they would never want to live there. So which Arabs do you speak for?

As for being a mouthpiece for Israel and the US, we are mouthpieces for democracies and for people struggling to achieve democracy. If you had not been so anxious to anxious to discredit Alistair (spelling his name correctly would be a good start) Gordon, and taken the time to examine the postings on this website, you would see that we champion the cause Taiwan, Tibet, India, Lebanese-Christians and Egyptian Copts in addition to Israel and the US.

Furthermore, in scrolling through the postings, you would have seen a recent one from a lady whose brother-in-law was murdered by Palestinian terrorists (thanks to Arafat). I'm sure your praise of Arafat would really impress her. "Arafat's boys murdered your brother-in;law? Well I'm sure he must have deserved it, because Arafat is a hero and would never murder innocent people." Is that what you would tell her?

So when you are prepared to debate intelligently, instead of trying to impress everyone with claims to have lived in the Middle East (so have a lot ofour members by the way who see things differently than you),and spewing vitriol instead of reason, then come back.

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