Alistaire Gordon on Rafe Mair Show, Vancouver

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Posted by G. Keenan on 13:34:08 2005/02/15

Greetings all

I just heard your representative Alistaire Gordon interviewed by Rafe Mair. I'll be frank : It is blatantly obvious from Mr. Gordon comments that your organization is a mouthpiece for the Bush administration and Israel. As one who has lived in the Middle east for several years, I was aghast at the ignorance Mr. Gordon displayed regarding Lebanon and Middle East affairs.

After listening to the interview I immediately phoned External Affairs and congratulated Minister Pettigrew for reaching out to the Arab street during his recent visit to the region. I also conveyed my sincerest gratitude to the Minister for visiting the grave of Yasser Arafat, the most revered former leader of his people. Canada is moving in the right direction while the U.S., under Bush is only making enemies. If Mr. Gordon et al. really believe that the U.S. intends to install democracies (i.e. governments of, for and by the people) in the Arab world, I've got a couple of bridges for sale.

To refute all the nonsense Mr. Gordon spewed would require an essay. Thankfully, Canada and the rest of the world (other than 50% of American voters)can see through his propaganda and also understand your organization does not serve true democracy, only the interests of the Bush administration and Israel, both of which are mired in nineteenth century colonialist violence.

Yours sincerely,
G. Keenan

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