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Posted by G. Keenan on 18:12:36 2005/02/15

In Reply to: Alistaire Gordon on Rafe Mair Show, Vancouver posted by G. Keenan

To my detractors.

I have no desire to enter what would by necessity be a lengthy debate regarding my views of the Canadian Coalition for Democracies. Although refuting all of your naive/ignorant and uninformed/misinformed views regarding the Arab world and Islam, the late President Yasser Arafat, Israel etc. would be like shooting fish in a barrel, I have neither the time nor the inclination. Having read several of the postings on this site it is patently obvious to me (as I am sure it is to any reasonably educated person with respect for international humanitarian law, much of which was a response to the horrors of World War II, including the murder of 6 million Jews) that this organization is supported by close-minded racists with an appalling lack of fundamental knowledge regarding the Middle East in general and the Arab-Palestinian/Israel conflict in particular - knowledge that one learns in first year Middle East studies at any reputable university. Suffice to quote the old adage: "None is so blind as he who will not see." Wallow in your ignorance and prepare to witness events unfold that you never imagined. Inevitably, as Israel knows and fears, the U.S. will act in what are truly its own best interests in the Middle East.

G. Keenan

G. Keenan

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