Re: Alistair Gordon on Rafe Mair Show, Vancouver

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Posted by Rank on 20:38:07 2022/02/15

In Reply to: Re: Alistair Gordon on Rafe Mair Show, Vancouver posted by G. Keenan

Dear G Keenan;

Great to have a middle east expert on the site. Welcome.

We need enlightenment and with your obvious experience selling bridges I am sure you can educate all the "naive/ignorant/uninformed/misinformed...blind" people who read and contribute to this obviously biased,pro democracy, pro American site.
Imagine such a thing in Canada, Horrible!

Have some questions for you and wonder if you could give all these "racists" the real truth form your depth of knowlwdge of the Middle east political and religious scene.

1. How did "revered former leader" Arafat get to be a multi-millionaire?

2. If "revered former leader" was not the instigator, leader and architect of the slaughter of soft target Jewish children and women, who was?

3.Please explain to these "close minded racists" what 'democracy' means to the leaders of Iran, Syria, Egypt, Jordan Saudi etc.

4. Enlighten all these "first year university" drop-outs about "international humanitarian laws" as they apply to those scum bag Jews and Christians and other infidels.

Your answers would go a long way to helping all these misguided contibutors avoid the trap of 'wallowing in ignorance'

Awaiting your esteemed responses,
PS Is S. Rushdie safe to return to any Islamic state now or is that death penalty thing that was renewed on the weekend just Bush administration propaganda?

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