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Posted by Al Gordon on 08:29:26 2005/03/24

In Reply to: Re: Pettigrew, shut up, will ya? posted by Al Gordon

If you can bear to look at the presentations below (and I warn you, it will tear you apart), you will see what Pierre Pettigrew believes is the moral equivalent of building a fence or a house. This is what Pettigrew believes the Israelis have no right to protect themsleves against, unless on terms approved by Pierre himself from his apartment in Paris or his home in Ottawa.

These children were not murdered because terrorists hid among them, nor were they caught in any crossfire. They were deliberately targeted and slaughtered by Arab terrorists, and their deaths celebrated by hysterical ululating Palestinians in the streets.

But this carnage is a small price for Paul Martin to pay to appease that precious ethnic voting block in Canada. What's do a few dead Israeli kids matter (or a few dead Sri Lankans) if it keeps the Liberals clinging to power?


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