Foreign policy statement vague; judge Liberals by their actions

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Posted by CCD Press Release on 16:35:55 2005/04/19

Foreign policy statement vague; judge Liberals by their actions


Toronto, ON, Tuesday, April 19, 2005 - The government of Canada today released its long awaited "International Policy Statement - A Role of Pride and Influence in the World" outlining Canada's foreign policy.

"While we welcome a statement on foreign policy priorities from the government, we believe that actions speak louder than lofty declarations," said Alastair Gordon, President of the Canadian Coalition for Democracies (CCD). "The foreign policy of this government since Paul Martin became Prime Minister 18 months ago has consistently abandoned our natural democratic allies in Taiwan, Lebanon, Israel, India, Africa and the United States, and submitted to the will of tyrannies and terrorist organizations including Syria, China, Sudan, Iran, Tamil Tigers, Hamas and others who seek to crush the voice of democracy."

"Released six months late in the midst of the Gomery inquiry, and on the eve of a possible election, we hope that Canadians are seeing the real plans of this government, and not simply a well-timed campaign distraction," added Gordon.

"The Liberal government's vision for Canada is that of a soft power, handing out foreign aid to unaccountable dictators and undemocratic organizations, including the UN," said Naresh Raghubeer, Executive Director of CCD. "Sadly, we see no commitment to ending corruption in failed and fragile states or to linking foreign aid to conditions that end dependency, including a free and open media, accountable and transparent governments, a functional judiciary, and free and fair elections."

"Unless there is a dramatic change from the past 18 months, Paul Martin's foreign policy does not serve the interests of our economy, jobs, security, stability or freedom, and certainly does not reward democratic reform around the world," added Raghubeer. "Canadians need to ask whose interests are being served by these foreign policy actions."

In the coming weeks, the Canadian Coalition for Democracies (CCD) will provide its detailed analysis of the International Policy Statement.


The backgrounder below highlights foreign policy initiatives of the Liberal government since Paul Martin became Prime Minister in November 2003, and provides a catalogue of Paul Martin's priorities over the past 18 months that can shed light on future foreign policy directions.


* When Canadian photographer, Zahra Kazemi, was tortured and murdered in an Iranian prison, Pierre Pettigrew and Irwin Cotler promised serious repercussions for Iran. Today the Iranian ambassador remains in Ottawa, and our ambassador remains in Tehran courting the regime that was responsible for this monstrous crime. In fact, the Paul Martin government was restoring full diplomatic relations with Iran even as our foreign affairs department was made aware of the barbaric details of the crime against this innocent Canadian.

* On his visit to China, Paul Martin submitted to Beijing's demand that he sign a document committing Canada to the notorious "One China policy". Our Prime Minister agreed on behalf of all Canadians that "...Taiwan is an inseparable part of Chinese territory. Canada reaffirms its adherence to its One China policy." Taiwan is a democracy of 23 million people that has never been, and does not wish to be, part of the non-democratic Peoples' Republic of China.

* When China passed its Anti-Secession Act authorizing the use of military force against Taiwan, Foreign Minister Pierre Pettigrew called on "leaders from both sides to [pursue] mutual understanding and reduced tensions", as if Taiwan was as much a belligerent as China.

* The Paul Martin government approved over $50 million in foreign aid (normally, humanitarian donations based on need) to China in 2005 and even more in 2006. This is in addition to over $100 million provided between 2000 and 2004. In 2004 (CIA), China had a GDP of $7.3 trillion, exports of $583 billion, sizzling growth of 9.1%, the world's largest army, its own space program, 700 missiles aimed at a peaceful democracy, exports flooding Canada totaling over $20 billion per year, and an appalling human rights record. Yet, Paul Martin believes China should be among the top recipients of foreign aid from Canadian taxpayers and enjoy preferential tariffs for Chinese products. The actions of the Liberal government are completely at odds with the statement today from International Cooperation Minister Aileen Carroll who said, "We are targeting Canadian aid to reach the people who need it most and focusing our efforts to ensure better results. Canadians want their aid dollars to make a real difference in the world..."

* Under Canada's foreign policy as dictated by Beijing, democratically elected leaders from Taiwan are not allowed to set foot in Canada, not even in transit or to visit family. Unelected leaders from China are welcome.

* When the Dalai Lama visited Canada, Beijing demanded that Paul Martin not grant him status as a political leader of Tibet, only as a religious figure. Martin duly complied with Beijing's demand.

* Following the death of Yasser Arafat, Paul Martin sent Pierre Pettigrew to attend his funeral, an honour that he did not feel was warranted when Ronald Reagan died the same year. Pettigrew went further, laying a wreath in honour of the man who was one of the worst killers of Jews after Hitler and Stalin. Paul Martin declared that Arafat "personified the Palestinian people's struggle" and that "I offer on behalf of Canada, my condolences and sympathy to the family of Chairman Arafat, as well as all Palestinians."

* In September 2004 while thousands of mainly Christian and Animist Africans were being killed in Darfur by militia loyal to the Muslim Arab regime in northern Sudan, Foreign Affairs Minister Pierre Pettigrew argued that the UN did not have to act because the slaughter did not meet the legal definition of "genocide". A spokesperson for Pierre Pettigrew said that Canada would not join the US in designating events in Sudan as genocide. Pettigrew himself mused, "Genocide is defined in a fairly narrow manner legally and [it has] a very high burden of proof with respect to intent. The key word here is intent. Which we believe has not been met, legally."

* Despite the fact that the LTTE (Tamil Tigers) has been responsible for the deaths of 60,000 people, this government refuses to designate it as a terrorist organization. In an interview with the National Post editorial board, Minister of Justice Irwin Cotler indicated that the reason was the large number of Tamils in Canada, essentially buying votes with the lives and security of Sri Lankans. He was contradicted a week later by Pierre Pettigrew who indicated that the US State Department and other foreign governments demanded that Canada not list the Tigers as a terrorist organization. Officials at the US State Department refuted such a claim and the Sri Lankan Minister of Foreign Affairs said that no such demand was ever made of Canada. It would appear that Pierre Pettigrew resorted to lies to cover an embarrassing truth.

* Canada recalled all passports that showed place of birth of to be Jerusalem, Israel. Canada's official position is that Israel has no political, administrative or jurisdictional authority over Jerusalem.

* Canada's officially supports the so-called "right of return" for Palestinians to Israel, a policy that our Prime Minister knows is historically indefensible and that will mean the end of Israel as a democratic Jewish state.

* India, the world's largest democracy with over one billion citizens, is seeking to become a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, a move opposed by most Muslim nations. Canada has sided with the Muslim opponents, virtually none of which are democracies, against India.

* After months of dithering, Paul Martin announced that Canada would not participate in the Ballistic Missile Defence program, and that the US would have to respect Canadian air space when shooting down any incoming missiles. At no cost, Canada could have generated thousands of skilled jobs in this massive research and development program and become a full partner in the defence of North America.

* Canada's policy toward Lebanon has consistently favoured the Syrian occupiers. While expressing support for UN Resolution 1559 that calls for the end of Syrian occupation, Paul Martin declared that the Syrians were in Lebanon "to keep the peace". When Pierre Pettigrew visited Lebanon, he publicly visited with the Syrian regime in Damascus and their puppets in Beirut, while not extending the same recognition to the Lebanese democratic opposition. Several days after that trip, the leadership of the Lebanese opposition was massacred in a terrorist bombing. Terror against Christians in Lebanon has continued to escalate.

* The Paul Martin government has consistently ignored warnings from the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) and the Privy Council about terrorist fronts operating in Canada, some enjoying tax-deductible charitable status. These organizations raise funds and incite hatred in Canada to support the killing of innocents abroad. At the same time, many of these groups actively lobby the Liberal party and promise to deliver large blocks of votes.

* While deporting members of the mainly Christian Lebanese South Lebanese Army back to their occupied country where their fate will be in the hands of the murderous Baathist occupiers, Canada remains strangely unable to deport convicted Palestinian hijacker and murderer Mohammed Issa Mohammed who has lived comfortably in Canada since 1986. Recently, Canada managed to quickly deport a hitherto ignored illegal refugee as soon as he threatened to embarrass then Minister of Immigration, Judy Sgro. Tens of thousands of illegal refugees and immigrants remain at large in Canada, many of them with clear terrorist connections.

* After a decade of consistently failing to support Israel when UN resolutions singled out the only democracy in the Middle East for condemnation, Canada announced last December that it would be more balanced in its votes on anti-Israel resolutions. The next day, six anti-Israel resolutions were tabled, and Canada supported Israel on only one of the six votes. Pierre Pettigrew then clarified Canada's policy, saying that Canada would support Israel on two or three resolutions out of the usual flood of one-sided UN condemnations.

* The Paul Martin government reviewed its funding of the United Nations Relief Works Agency (UNRWA) in light of a massive body of evidence linking UNRWA to the funding and logistical support of Hamas terrorism. Despite UNRWA's commissioner-general admitting he had Hamas members on his payroll and a video clearly showing armed terrorists using UNRWA ambulances, the Martin government made the decision to continue to send this organization $10 million per year with no demand for accountability.

* While providing valuable monitoring of the Ukrainian election, the Paul Martin government has failed to likewise support emerging and threatened democracies in Africa, including Togo, Egypt and Zimbabwe.

* Liberal MP Carolyn Parrish has been a major influence in foreign affairs through comments and stunts that included, "Damned Americans - I hate those bastards", "[those supporting Ballistic Missile Defence are] a coalition of idiots", "The US war on terrorism has become a convenient cover for Sharon's inhumanity", and her grand finale when she stomped an effigy of George Bush on CBC television. Paul Martin did not fire Parrish for any of these damaging outbursts that received significant coverage in the US. It wasn't until she declared that Paul Martin himself can "go to hell" that the Prime Minister saw reason to fire her from the party.

* When the tsunami struck Asia on December 26, individual Canadians immediately raised $40 million for the relief effort. In January, Paul Martin promised to match those funds. The government has failed to deliver on its commitment to the people of Canada or to the tsunami victims, and CIDA is sitting on $400 million earmarked for tsunami relief. In the meantime, Martin and his entourage have used the tsunami as a low-cost opportunity to grandstand and generate photo-ops, while he quickly managed to find $4.6 billion for a deal with the NDP that allows him to cling to power as revelations of Liberal corruption and theft are revealed daily. The story

* In April 2005, the Paul Martin government announced a $10 billion spending spree on the Kyoto Protocol. This latest extravagance relates to foreign policy because it includes massive expenditures to buy International Carbon Credits (ICCs) from under-performing economies. For an industry to set up or expand in Canada, it may have to send, say, $250 million to Russia to buy ICCs in order that it may emit carbon dioxide (the "pollutant" that all green living plants breath). Assuming the business does not move to the US to avoid such an expenditure, there will be zero impact on carbon emissions. Why? Because there is no enforcement mechanism. If Russia decides it needs to build carbon-spewing power plants to save its dying economy, what will Canada do? Bomb the construction sites? Paul Martin is again dragging Canada into another flaky scheme invented by his mentor, Maurice Strong, that offers no environmental benefit, and a devastating impact on jobs and the economy.

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