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Posted by Al Gordon on 09:05:33 2005/07/25

In Reply to: Imam warns Ottawa to back off Muslims posted by Al Gordon

Mohammed Elmasry, president of the Canadian Islamic Congress, has another message for Canadian Muslims. We all remember his last message delivered on Michael Coren's television show stating that all Israelis over the age of 18 were legitimate targets for for suicide bombers. But Elamsry is a clever fellow, and realizes that, however wonderful and effective indiscriminate slaughter is in advancing the Islamist agenda, it also helps to have the Liberals government in your back pocket. One could argue that his threat of terrorism is simply the other side of the Islamist coin -- a complement to selling your vote to the Liberals in exchange for not interfering in the killing of israelis and providing moral cover for Islamic atrocities.

Has there ever been an Islamist or anti-Semite that the Globe and Mail has not given column-inches to?

Muslims told to integrate politically

Canadian Islamic Congress endorses British imams' fatwa against terrorism


Saturday, July 23, 2005 Page A8

Canadian Muslims can fight the extremism that led to the bombings in London by working together to integrate themselves politically into the country, Dr. Mohamed Elmasry, the president of the Canadian Islamic Congress, said yesterday.

"The last few weeks, the Muslims in this country, like anybody else, saw the horrid images which were coming from London," Dr. Elmasry told about 6,000 worshippers at a Friday afternoon service at the mosque of the International Muslims Organization in Rexdale.

"Muslims in this country have to be proactive beyond the stage of condemnation," he said, adding that through what he called "smart integration," Canadian Muslims can be both better Muslims and better Canadians.

While his appearance at the mosque had been scheduled for some time, it came the day after 120 imams from across Canada issued a statement condemning terrorism in the name of religion, and said it was their duty to turn extremists over to the authorities.

After the service, Dr. Elmasry said that the statement condemning terrorism was important and a step in the right direction, and that the CIC also endorses a fatwa -- a binding religious edict -- denouncing terrorism that British imams made after the July 7 London bombings.

"It [the fatwa] was very important. We endorse it as Islamically sound, and it was important for Canadian Muslims to endorse it," he said.

But beyond the anti-terrorism statement by the Canadian imams, he said, many other things are happening behind the scenes. "Canadian Muslim lawyers are working with the community so that they can help CSIS and the RCMP and at the same time preserve their rights."

In his sermon, Dr. Elmasry told the congregation that "you don't have to give up your faith, you don't have to be an atheist to be a politically active person. . . . You don't have to use violence to make a political statement."

Muslims must teach themselves about Canada, he said. "It is not acceptable for Canadian Muslims not to know the history of this country. . . . This country is our country, and this land is our land."

He said that the Canadian Muslim community is becoming more politically active. In the last federal election, the CIC issued position papers on issues and rated MPs' positions on the issues.

The CIC went to great lengths to encourage the government not to send troops to Iraq, but having failed to persuade Ottawa to keep the Canadian Forces out of Afghanistan, it will ask the government to explain the mission.

After the service, he told reporters that the essence of smart integration is that "you have to be a caring citizen of this country; at the same time you have to practise your religion. A dissenting voice in the political arena is acceptable. Nobody will put you in jail if you don't agree with the government."

He said that as well as knowing Canadian history, Muslims in this country should know law, media practice and the political system, and more young Muslims should help the community integrate by studying journalism, law, social work, and political science. "We need those professions. We have enough doctors and engineers in the community."

He also said that Muslims have to overcome their apathy about voting, as political participation is a way of fighting the growth of extremism.

"This is a liberal democracy. You have to vote. Voting counts. This is why you have a political agenda, and you have to push it. Indirectly, the message is anti-terrorism. It is anti young Canadian or British Muslims who are angry about their government's actions about x, y, z issue," he said.

He said that things are beginning to change: In the past federal election, the turnout among Muslim voters was higher than that of the population as a whole.

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