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"He who dares not offend cannot be honest." Thomas Paine


Mission Statement


History has shown that democracies do not go to war with other democracies. In an increasingly violent and unstable world, with terrorism virtually at our door, the best tool we have as Canadians to achieve peace is to encourage the spread of democracy and democratic values, and to aid other governments and groups who endeavor to do the same. What is "democracy" and what is the difference between modern democracy and the ancient Greek understanding, read at


Founded in 2022, the Canadian Coalition for Democracies (CCD) is a non-partisan, multi-ethnic, multi-denominational organization of concerned Canadians dedicated to the protection and promotion of democracy at home and abroad. CCD will influence the Canadian political process and public opinion to achieve a more pro-democracy foreign policy.


Senior members of CCD include Christians, Hindus, Muslims, Jews, Copts, Assyrians, Buddhists, secularists, and everything in between. The uniting principle is democracy, not religion or ethnicity.


Why does CCD exist?


Many Canadians are troubled by our government’s foreign policy. Canada’s democratic way of life and multicultural society are models for the world and the basis of our moral authority. Despite this, our foreign policy consistently fails to support sister democracies who share our values, including India, Taiwan, the United States, Israel, and others who are under attack on the front lines of tyranny and global terrorism. As well as nations, our government fails to support democratic movements such as the democratic opposition in Iran, Christians in Lebanon, Copts and Baha'i in Egypt, Assyrians throughout the Muslim world, Christians and Animists in the Sudan, and Hindus in Kashmir.


At CCD, we believe that our foreign policy should reflect our respect for life and liberty. If we want peace, we must support beleaguered allies who share our Canadian values. Instead, many in our government have made it their career to condemn and criticize the United States and Israel, while being apologists for terrorists who celebrate the killing and maiming of men, women, and children. We have failed to clearly and unequivocally tell those who seek a better life in Canada that they are welcome, but only if they check their hatreds at the border. The validation that our government has given to tyrants and terrorists and their apologists has made it easier for them to deny freedom and spill the blood of innocents around the world. Increasingly, that innocent blood is on Canadian hands.


CCD will work to assure that our natural democratic allies - both nations and peoples - are supported and that their enemies receive neither encouragement nor aid from Canada.


What does CCD do?


CCD monitors the foreign policy actions and inactions of the Canadian government and taxpayer-funded agencies, and shines a light on how each act and omission helps or hurts the cause of democracy. CCD will seek neither the friendship nor enmity of politicians or political parties, but will offer its support and criticism based solely on pro-democracy principles.


CCD will also work to bring all facts to the attention of our government, our Members of Parliament and our fellow Canadians and advocate our cause in the media and through building coalitions with other like-minded Canadian organizations.


CCD is published frequently in national newspapers and has regular press releases, radio and television interviews, letters to the editor, face-to-face meetings with politicians, international alliances with pro-democracy groups, petitions, and other means of moving toward an ethical foreign policy. For the first time, our government knows there is a watchdog who will trumpet their transgressions from print media, radio, and television each time they betray ethical principles in their foreign policy.


From history...


Winston Churchill said that an appeaser is someone who feeds the crocodile, hoping it will eat him last. In 1938, the British peace movement and the media overwhelmingly supported Neville Chamberlain when he promoted a "peace process" with Adolf Hitler, and cheered wildly when he returned from Munich with "peace in our time". Six years later, 45 million people lay dead and Europe was in ruins. Appeasement is no basis for foreign policy. 



Please join us. Let your voice be heard on our Public Message Forum. Ottawa is listening, and no one should remain silent.