Re: Pettigrew turns up the heat on Hezbollah

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Posted by Marshall on 12:36:08 2005/02/13

In Reply to: Re: Pettigrew turns up the heat on Hezbollah posted by Al Gordon

Although I am a great fan of what Alastair Gordon writes and share his opinion on most things, I think we weaken our advocacy if we pounce on every issue with the ferocity of a Rottweiler. Constant crescendo, as well as being an oxymoron, is not effective communication. If we carp and complain with at same velocity about every slight we risk losing our audience. They will simply tune out.

Pettigrew honoured the holocaust victims at yad vashem and he sought to pressure the Lebanese/Syrians to curtail the activities of Hezbollah. From our point of view -- that is good. In between, in order to support Canada's credibiliy with the new guy (Abbas), he laid a wreath at the tomb of the old guy who we are all glad is dead. That he is dead is also good.
The new guy has already taken some very positive steps and continues to move away from the path of the dead guy. That too is good.
We should applaud these positive results and not let perfection become the enemy of good.
For Canadian middle east diplomacy two out of three is not a bad avreage. We need to cut Pettrigrew a little slack and nail him if he waffles on important issues affecting the living, and forgive his trespasses in rememebering the dead.

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