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who we are

CCD is comprised of Canadians from across the ideological, ethnic and religious spectrum and has united to advance a pro-democracy, freedom from Terrorism agenda. CCD is focused and determined to hold Canadian politicians, non-governmental organizations and others accountable for their support of freedom, liberty, democracy and democracies across the Globe.

CCD will initially focus on the Middle East and the Indian sub-Continent where democracy faces grave threats and where the failure of Canada to stand firm with our friends has serious and adverse repercussions for Canadian society. CCD understands that an inconsistent or unprincipled foreign policy has direct and troublesome implications for Canada's liberty, democracy and long-term stability.

Global terrorism and the growing boldness of dictatorial regimes demands a strong, "made in Canada" foreign policy that:

  1. Openly supports our democratic friends and allies, especially as they combat terrorism

  2. Openly supports our democratic friends and allies in all multi-lateral organizations such as the United Nations. A "neutral" stance appeases the enemies of democracy and human rights

  3. Ensures that Canadian "values" drive decision-making. Canadian values include the:
    • Support for the rule of law and universal access to legal institutions;
    • An independent judiciary;
    • Protection of civil liberties such as freedom of the press, association, expression, conscience, religion and women's rights;
    • Freedom from political intimidation and abuse;
    • Elimination of terrorism;

  4. Promotes real democratic change across the Globe.

As Fareed Zakaria, the editor of Newsweek International, so aptly stated: "When we think about democracy, we should really think about not simply the electoral process, but the inner stuffing of democracy which is the institutions that produce liberty, separation of powers, the rule of law, courts and constitutions and that that inner stuffing is in many ways more important than elections. Anyone can hold an election. But it's very difficult to produce institutions that preserve liberty"