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The world's democracies are under attack.

Terrorism - the intentional murder of innocent civilians to advance a political agenda- permeates and destroys the very foundational elements of democracy - from education, to the rule of law, to respect for civil liberties, minority and gender rights, the protection of property and the disadvantaged, open debate and open markets, and the harnessing of human potential to develop human capacities to their fullest. Simply put, terrorism is completely antithetical to Canadian values.

From India to America, terrorists and their State apologists are laying siege to the fundamental freedoms that form the glue of any modern democratic state. Israel, in particular, is on the front lines of this fight. For 50 years, this democratic, multicultural society has faced a daily barrage of state-sponsored terrorism. Innocent civilians are the targets. Freedom and liberty are the victims.

Terrorist supporting regimes such as Syria, Iran, Libya, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan hold leadership positions in multi-lateral organizations such as the UN and UNHCHR as they torture, murder and rape innocent civilians. Canadians citizens are not immune. Many have felt the brutality first-hand without colour of right and are living proof of a foreign policy gone terribly awry.

The Canadian government's response has been an affront to all Canadians whose moral compass is aided by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The government has:

  • dragged its feet when asked to ban - or refused to ban - known terrorist groups
  • openly engaged and supported world leaders who, if Canadian citizens, would be in jail for life
  • remained too silent in the face of overt threats to our allies and ourselves

The government's steadfast neutrality and so-called "balanced" foreign policy is inimical to the values of our democracy and liberty.

Enough is enough.

Canada has a unique and powerful role to play. Our democratic way of life and multicultural society is a model for the world and the fabric of our moral authority. We must exercise this authority and take a larger leadership role on the world stage. It is incumbent upon Canada to condemn without reservation, qualification, justification or ambiguity dictatorial regimes, the use of terrorism and those states that support it.

Canada must take a stand and unite with our democratic allies in defiance of tyranny.