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There are dozens of articles, OpEds, letters, press releases, and other works that have been created by CCD. Right now, they are spread all over the web site, mostly on the public message forum. When time permits, they will all be gathered on this page. In the meantime, a few of them are listed below.


November 23, 2004
O Canada - how could you?

CCD's Joan O'Callaghan had an editorial published in today's Jerusalem Post, making a strong case for Canada's biased track record disqualifying this country as an honest broker in any Mid East peace process. The whole story...


October 29, 2004
CCD on Global TV re Mohammed Elmasry

Alastair Gordon of the CCD was interviewed on Global Television regarding the statements by Mohammed Elmasry of the Canadian Islamic Congress. Play the live video on Windows Media Player


October 4, 2004
Abstention is not a foreign policy

The Canadian government, during the Chrétien and Martin régimes, has followed a foreign policy based on moral abstention. On countless United Nations resolutions that cried out for a clear 'No,' Canada claimed the moral low ground by abstaining. The whole story...


September 22, 2004
The speech Paul Martin SHOULD give at the UN

As we await Paul Martin's first speech to the United Nations, CCD creates the speech that they believe Martin should deliver. The only novel aspect of this hypothetical speech is that it is a straightforward expression of what is wrong with the UN, and not the toxic fantasies that have become the accepted mode of political discourse today. Read the National Post OpEd. Better yet, read the unedited version before it was shortened for publication.


July 17, 2004
Bill Graham must go!

Canada's foreign policy is a mess. For the past 10 years, we have practiced unprincipled appeasement toward militant groups such as the Tamil Tigers and dictatorial regimes such as pre-war Iraq, Communist China and Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe. Today, we hear the warning cries from immigrants across Canada who recognize Canada's failure to support democracy in their homelands. To begin addressing the mistakes of the past decade, there could be no more effective first step than the removal of Bill Graham as Minister of Foreign Affairs. Why?.  The whole story...


July 3, 2004
Happy Birthday, America

Cold weather, hockey, socialized medicine and our ageing memories of Juno Beach and Vimy Ridge strike some Canadians as a weak brew when it comes to national identity. As a result, they spike it with the bitter spirit of reflexive anti-Americanism. If the Americans make war, we become pacifists. If unilateralism, then multilateralism. If hard power, then soft. There is often little moral logic to our chastisement of the United States. In short, it is foreign policy as self-definition.  The whole story...


June 23, 2004
By their words, know these seven MPs

Following publication of our Rogues' Gallery (Wanted for Offenses Against Democracy) on CCD's website, the National Post published the rap sheets of some of our least favorite rogues. The story...


June 1, 2004
Stockwell Day honoured by CCD for ethical foreign policy

Stockwell Day of the Conservative Party was today honoured by the CCD for his relentless pursuit of an ethical foreign policy. Read about Canada's anti-democratic, pro-terrorist foreign policy record, and ask yourself if you would prefer Stockwell Day or Bill Graham to be our minister of foreign affairs. The story...


May 15, 2004

Mary Robinson goes to McGill

McGill University plans to award an honourary doctorate to Mary Robinson on May 31. Ms. Robinson, the Human Rights Commissioner for the United Nations, is certainly an eloquent spokeswoman. But her lofty rhetoric about human rights has been undermined by her cynical actions. The story...


April 8, 2004
Hatred of Jews is irrational

Hannah Arendt told a story of a joke passed around after World War I. "An anti-Semite claimed that Jews had caused the war. The reply came back: Yes, the Jews and the bicyclists. Why the bicyclists, asks one. Why the Jews, asks the other." . Read the whole story...


April 1, 2004
Hatred at any level should not be tolerated

I don’t want us to wait until we have a Sept. 11 on Canadian soil before we take action. Together, let’s send the message to the leaders of our diverse nation and to the entire world that totalitarians and terrorists — great and small, punks and "operatives" alike — are not welcome here. Read the whole story...


April  2004
The Middle East according to the CBC

“In December of 1987, the Palestinians... erupted with four decades of anguish and anger. The Intifada, the spontaneous uprising of a people with nothing to lose, had begun… Over the next several years hundreds of Palestinians were killed and thousands more put into detention camps.” Read the whole story


March 2004

Hey kids, it's cool to hate Jews!

The ultra-hip Adbusters declared that "A lot of ink has been spilled chronicling the pro-Israel leanings of American neocons and fact that a the disproportionate percentage of them are Jewish." Adbusters outs all the secret Jews in the US administration. Now, you can be hip and a Nazi at the same time!  Read the whole article  Read the author's justification


The Washington Times

March 30, 2004

Terror and tolerance

I can no longer tolerate watching Muslims dance with joy, in the Palestinian territories or in Paris, following attacks on the World Trade Center or an Israeli bus. Read the whole story...


March 24, 2004
Sanctimonious judgments won't solve Mideast despair

When mainstream Christians fail to learn from history, it is always the Jews who are forced to relive it. Read the whole story...


March 23, 2004
Yassin's legacy

Waste no tears over the demise of one of the worst mass murderers in modern times. Read the whole story...


On March 19, 2004, CCD hosted a reception in honour of The Conservative Party National Leadership Event News and photos...


March 11, 2004
History repeats itself, with Canada's help

In 1939... 907 desperate German Jews aboard the S.S. St. Louis requested sanctuary in Canada. The Liberal prime minister of the day, Mackenzie King -- who had previously flirted with Adolf Hitler and declared him to be "one who truly loves his fellow-men" -- refused their request. Most died in the death camps of Europe... Can someone please tell me what's changed since 1939?. Read the story...  Read the long version...


November 13, 2003 - CCD hosts a reception at the Liberal Party of Canada National Convention in Toronto. News and photos...



"The Jews are a peculiar people: things permitted to other nations are forbidden to the Jews.... Everyone expects the Jews to be the only real Christians in this world." These words were written by Eric Hoffer 36 years ago. Read the article and see how little has changed.