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Petition for the Recall of Yvon Charbonneau as Ambassador to UNESCO

Since our goal is to have this petition read in Parliament and entered into Hansard, protocol requires that the petitions be signed by hand, with at least 25 signatures per page. Unfortunately, online digital signatures will not afford us any Parliamentary exposure.

So it's a little extra work, but we cannot stand by when our Prime Minister appoints a known anti-Semite, anti-American, and anti-free-enterprise advocate to the United Nations. Yvon Charnbonneau will be seen as representing YOUR voice on the world stage. More on Yvon Charbonneau.


If you feel that Yvon Charbonneau does not speak on your behalf, please do the following right away:

  1. Print the petition document. Note: If you have trouble viewing the document, maybe you need to download and install Adobe Acrobat reader (this add-on will allow you to read all PDF files).

  2. Sign the petition and gather another 24 valid signatures from friends, family and acquaintances.

  3. Note: The petition will be read in Parliament when the House resumes (Oct 4 2004) and therefore requires valid signatures - 25 per page.

  4. Upon completion, please mail the petition to CCD (address at the bottom of the petition) as soon as possible, or bring it to the next CCD meeting on September 20, 2004.

  5. If you have friends or contacts who can also complete a petition during the holidays, please pass it on, with the instructions above.

By having the Petition read by friendly MPs, including those identified as "Parliamentarians for Israel" maybe we can embarrass Paul Martin into recalling Charbonneau.

"If a Member makes a statement in the House when presenting a petition, the statement is reproduced in Hansard, the Official record of the debates. A record of each petition presented, whether or not a statement is made, appears in the Journals for that Day." - from the Clerk of the House on submitting petitions.

It would be great if we can have as many as 50 petitions completed and given to MPs in Ottawa to read, at least one each day, until Charbonneau is recalled.

Thank you for your assistance.

Best regards,

Naresh Raghubeer
Executive Director, CCD

Canadian Coalition for Democracies

PO Box 72602

345 Bloor Street East

Toronto, ON  M4W 3J0



Tel: 416-963-8998
Toll-Free: 1-877-383-8320
Fax: 425-944-3546